Part of 'Sceptres of Dubai' music track not in-game

Was recently wondering why a lot of the ‘Sceptres of Dubai’ music track isn’t in the game (as far as I know). It’s on the official soundtrack. I mean from around 6:01 to 7:46 in this video.

Does anyone know if it is in the game? If not I wonder if IOI could add it in.

Edit: I’m wondering because it sounds really good and it should be in the game

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its a bug dude this has been issue since a year

Really? I think I recently searched this up and couldn’t find anything on it (apart from the opening music only playing when you use the default starting location, but the music I’m talking about is after the opening).

It is not unusual for video game soundtracks to have pieces of music not included of the composer submitted songs versus pieces. And in some cases, soundtracks are assembled from the pieces to make songs for the OST. This may be the cases where a piece was submitted, but not used in the game.

Oh ok. I still think this music should be added to the game if it’s not there, it sounds amazing, and really fits the mission I think

oh are you talking starting in the skydiving location or the attrim lobby location

When you start in the skydiving location you can hear the music after you go up the stairs, but not the music from the official soundtrack/the video I linked, that’s after the opening music. Hope that makes sense.

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oh yeah that works in the skydiving part but the lobby location it doesn’t

Click the youtube link in my original post and you’ll see what part I’m talking about. As far as I know it doesn’t play at all.

Edit: Tell me if I’m wrong and where/when it does play though

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sure man i check it out

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ok i just checked it and yeah that is the part

Sorry, What do you mean?

the soundtrack you were talking about sorry if i didn’t give you details

I mean 6:01 to 7:46 in that video doesn’t play in-game (at least I don’t think). I hope they can add it

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im hoping too man i really enjoy the opening of it

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Yep its alot of time like this i really liked the music when you go upstairs