Patient Zero Campaign

I really want to know what do you think about this content wich, personally, is of the best parts of this recent announcement along with the improves on contracts mode.
I’m specially intrigued to kinow if this is after the events of the main story (wich I really hope it’s the case) and if so, how much things have changed after 47 was there. Like in Hokkaido, the Director getting fired or disappeared after failing to protect Soders or Sapienza having Villa Caruso for sale after Silvio’s death. Also the Himmapan status after the death of it’s owner, Thomas Cross and how the militia at Colorado have being doing after killing it’s main members.
As last note, this campaing gives me the same vibe as the missions from India in H2:SA because of the whole end-of-days cult and getting to know how they spread their influence so much, specially with a deadly virus of all things (wich is kinda something you’ll expect from James Bond).


I never thought about these things, it’s good that you talked about it


I wonder if it’ll be after or before the events of the main story. I’d guess before, but I suppose we can only speculate.

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It’s also possible that these missions aren’t canon. Just like the Sarajevo Six missions or Holliday Hoarders never happend.


I presume before, as the Sapienza mission will probably tie into the biolab, and there’d be no reason for Ether to continue to maintain that field lab after Silvio is dead.

Unless it somehow ties into the Shadow Client plot, it will be really weird that 47 visits that farm in Colorado twice. They might just make it a side story without stating whether it comes before or after. (But NPC dialogue in the bonus missions usually reveals whether the mission takes place before or after the story mission, and that might be hard to avoid.)

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Analysing the trailer`

Some speculation about the campain, stuff like the order of missions.
I think the order is:
1- Hokkaido - 1 target - Because it has a virus being created, makes sense if it’s released in this mission.
2/3- Sapienza - 2 targets | Colorado - 1 target
4- Bangkok . 1 target - Because of all the rituals seem to take place there, and the target appears in the image.


i just hope the maps are totally different.
hope there is a party going on in the mansion.

hope the hotel is full of guests this time. with gym and pool. no band taking up half the hotel.



This ET has 2 targets who want to steal the virus. Maybe it’s been transformed into a mission


Well, I am unsure what to think of this. The colorado map looks almost entirely untouched and with almost the exact same setup (militia and stuff) If this is gonna be worth 20 bucks it needs to have the same level of freshness as Landslide and A House Built on Sand.

Even though Sapienza is by far my favorite location from the game I think this might be one re-visit too many unless it feels really different, and it doesn’t really seem like it will feel much different.

Sort of want to see more.

On a side note I think it was a good idea to be up front about the unlocks.


New content is always good


Colorado seems pretty empty, I would rather have wished a snow mission in this location.
Bangkok : HYPE. It’s gonna be a complete new experience.
Sapienza MUST be innovating considering The Icon & Landslide.
Hokkaido, I really don’t know what the main differences with the normal mission will be.


47 climbing that enormous structure in Colorado (which doesn’t currently exist?) suggests that something quite different will be happening with that location. The speculation that it’ll be a special Sniper Challenge style mission seems on point to me, given the fact that they gave that rose bush a new snipe-friendly mechanic. I bet the Colorado location architecture won’t change too much but they’ll add a ton of cool little sniper interactions that you can hit from that new vantage point.


I hope they add it to the missionm as a new part of the map or something :slight_smile:

They’ll probably add it to Freedom Fighters as something off in the distance that you can’t access. That’s my guess. It’s disconnected from the farm itself.

These are more like Bonus missions than Sarajevo six

Well in the trailer there are Guys with Hazma Suits

Let’s try to guess who are the targets. At least 5. The man in Bangkok seems to be a sort of priest, maybe the leader of a cult. So Bangkok could be the last mission of the campaign. Or he could be a member of the cult chosen as patient zero during a ceremony
In Hokkaido the black man could be the scientist of the cult, working at Gama Hospital to infect patients with the virus.
I have any idea who could be man in Colorado. Maybe a sort of government men, protected by soldiers, or another scientist
In Sapienza we see two possible targets. The first could be a lieutenant or the leader of the cult (he has also the circle symbol on his jacket)
I don’t know who could be the other man in Sapienza, maybe a infected member of the cult that like a sort of kamikaze is ordered to infect people
PS Another nice idea of target is a clown (whose disguise is the one we’ll get after completing missions challenges). If I’m not wrong the first concepts of Corky the Clown, in Blood Money saw him as a target and as a former killer, so Corky can come back no more as a simple NPC (if he is really Corky, he could remember and recognize 47’s face and alert the guards).
What do you think about my speculations? I’m really curious to play new content. I hoped to do it today :frowning:


Worth noting that the swirl symbol that was in the background of the blurry promo image is on some of the targets. The Bangkok cult leader has it painted on his hands and it’s on the jacket of the man in red in Sapienza. (47 is also secretly hidden in the background of scenes with these two characters.) The symbol is also painted on the walls in the mysterious room. I tried to find it on the other potential targets but I don’t think it’s there.

I don’t think the guy in the black hazmat suit is a target. 47 is wearing his outfit 28 seconds into the trailer, and we’ve never been able to wear a target’s outfit. (Note the three-bar hashtag symbol on the back, meaning it’s high-clearance in Hokkaido.)


What bugs me is that Colorado seems to be a “newly discovered side” of the ICA. It would be weird if we visit it before the events of Freedom Fighters.


Not every target has to be part of the cult. The guy in the red jacket is obviously a member and the one from Bangkok seems to be their leader, but I’m not sure about the rest.