Patient Zero Campaign

I’m glad you think so, because in a few weeks you’ll get to do it all over in again in the Legacy Pack!


me: “It’s fine that progression doesn’t carry over, I’ll have a great time replaying the missions with HITMAN 2’s new mechanics!”

also me:


Why is that troll face wearing and emoticon didn’t those forms of visual emotional representation die out? Did that trollface go out as an emoticon for Halloween?

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So I’m finally checking this out (GOTY upgrade is only $10 once you have the Legacy Pack for H2, not $20) and I’m already pissed off!

On the first mission, “The Source” in Bangkok, I found the guy who doesn’t want to join the cult and I followed him back to his room and I’ve stolen his cult initiate disguise. But when I go back to the art gallery, I find that I’m suddenly trespassing everywhere.

Why am I not allowed in the gallery as a cult initiate? Where am I supposed to go? How was I supposed to know this?

That has to be a bug.


After way too much of trying, I got a frame perfect exit in “The Vector” (since finishing level in 6 seconds gives you score 0), so I can say that the best score you can get in this mission is 209’066. Oh, and since SPRUT actually got one point more, I think he doesn’t just cheat to end level quickly with SA, but somehow hacks his score.

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Maybe it was the battle axe you were carrying around?

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Ok guys This is an old thread but the black hazmat guy Klaus Lieblied works for ether trying to re engineer the virus that infected Owen cage in Hokkaido mission known as Patient Zero

In sapienza 2 guys named Brother Akram and Craig Black are here to exchange the cult virus and u can disguise as them also it is a challenge

In Colorado there is a guy named Bradley Paine he has infected 4 unknown militia members for testing purposes

In Bangkok 2 targets named Sister Yulduz and Oybak Nabazov they created the virus if they are killed it sets off a trigger for sleeper agents (other targets)

you can, or by infecting yourself and running near them with their disguise off

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You can absolutely infect unconscious NPCs. Everyone in the level is infectable.

Don’t forget saving Jeff in the previous levels so he shows up on Hokkaido too.


You would think having a guy that has been infected with the Apocalypse would be caused to shut the facility down temporarily and have only biohazard units be on the scene. But no.

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Yeah pretty sure the goal was 138 on Hitman 1, but it seems like they added one more for Hitman 2. Apparently you can bring Jeff in as well but I don’t know how that whole thing works, I never did it. So 139 or 140.

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Has anyone been able to get Jeff to The Vector in Legacy? I got him to not kill himself, but he didn’t show up in The Vector straight after

Yes I didn’t complete any objectives until after he changed his mind, and yes I’m pretty sure I read his note while I was there.

He can kill himself?

He will kill himself at about 5-6 minute mark

Actually it’s ~3:25 in The Author

UPDATE: I got Jeff to appear, it turns out he comes at the 43s mark, not the 5s mark like the old Youtube video showed

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Since this thread has been revived, I would like to bring attention on how we can’t destroy the projector screens with explosions in The Source anymore like we can in 2016:

Not to mention we can’t crash the presentation by shooting at the laptop anymore.


Oh dear. I’d suggest putting this in the bug report thread so IOI have a better chance of taking note.

I already did actually. I hope this is a bug and not a deliberate downgrade.
It might have something to do with how explosions couldn’t affect other objects such as other explosives as described in the September changelog:

Ah, right. :+1:

I’ve avoided that thread because I’m very behind with Hitman, I’ve basically only played the Elusive Targets that have come out for the last month. Don’t want spoilers!