Patient Zero Campaign


Wait where can you find this?


Oh my god, I finally got one after a million tries. Still looks so sloppy, though :joy:


Freakingly fast Alex! Well done!:grin:

Final cutscene

New location preview? It looks like a mix of Bangkok and Sapienza… Australia? We still don’t know why the last target was headed there and mostly who he was going to meet.

47 says that he has acquired the target, so this must mean it’s a target from Season 2 or another upcoming campaign, which is presumably going to happen if we listen closely to what 47 says to Diana.

She has “some work ahead” before 47 gets involved; the contract is indeed “closed” for the ICA, but there’s far more to dig than a cult theory.

Also, how did that Locksley knew about the Patient Zero and the Sarajevo Six crimes? They come back around far too much in every campaign to only be a simple ICA client.


Just played Patient Zero. I got SA on the first two and just shat through the other two.

-The first mission is adequate, I’d say. It feels like a cross between an elusive target and a bonus mission. I still don’t really like Bangkok much. Shame they didn’t change it more and open up the other section.
-The second mission is my favorite of the extra Sapienza missions. The main reason I like Landslide is that there’s that cluster of guards in those apartments that I like to shoot through and a kill opportunity at the graveyard. This mission provides the same, plus one target and not so many fucking locked doors. A big part of replayability when it comes to missions for me is what it’s like to play them “panther-style,” and this mission satisfies on that front more than Landslide does.
-I have to say, I really liked the sniper mission. I didn’t know what to think at first, but it was refreshing to see a new type of mission. The added challenge of having to lead your targets made it more fun when things went awry.
-I appreciated the novelty of Patient Zero and I loved the reworked hospital area. Kind of silly, but it’s nice to see IO trying new things. The escalation was neat, too.
-New color stuff looks good, mostly. I see what people are saying about Sapienza. Maybe a little too bright.
-I like the new menu and UI, but I think the inventory screen needs a tweak. Not enough contrast and maybe too bright overall. (Though, I’d like to see them just copy Blood Money’s)
-I like the new Silverballer sound

All in all, I think I get what IO is doing here. They’re going further in playing with HITMAN as a platform. Instead of just giving us more of the same, it seems like they’re branching out in new directions. Really, they kind of split the campaign: Two standard missions and two missions with new mechanics/gameplay. I think this is a good sign of what’s to come and I do think it’s meant to serve as a preview. As for the price, eh, I won’t argue it one way or another. It’s no big deal to me. I’m satisfied with the content.

And of course, the Striker kicks loads of ass. I’m glad they’re giving us something purely for fun that also lets you kick more ass.


Thought the Source was ok, I agree with you on that one. However I felt the Author was boring and far too straightforward. There just wasn’t enough happening. The Vector, at first, I didn’t like at all. Thought it was a waste of a map, but the more I play it the more I enjoy it, but on the same note, the more I wish it was longer. The final mission is good once you learn how to prevent the outbreak from happening to begin with.

All in all, good DLC. I was just expecting the missions to be a bit bulkier instead of thin, which in truth, they are.


HITMAN - Patient Zero - The Vector - SA

I’d say I kinda like this randomness scattered around the map, St. Petersburg Stakeout all over again. Shame we can’t explore it since it’s remarkably beautiful in comparison to the main mission.


He was also the Client of Pertti Järnefelt ET


The Source – Zero Mastery

Apparently you can just run past the waiter? Magic 270 degree head turns but the guy watching a trespassing area can’t properly enforce trespassing. Great game.

The Author – Zero Mastery

Minor shade is thrown at a certain someone but I probably shouldn’t be saying that when our routes are basically identical.

The Vector – Zero Mastery

Follow Diana’s instructions and use your brain, because it’s the same exact mission as always.

Patient Zero – Zero Mastery

More complex than I wanted, and there are faster ways to get double kills, but I wanted to go for reliability and preventing spread.


The guy with that disguise can be found in the sewers.


Can you tell me where the code to the safe with the explosive golf ball is? I found the safe but I missed the code.


it’s on the desk of the smaller room.


I don’t understand a thing. If Owen Cage is highly contagious and people infected by him are contagious too, why it isn’t the same in Colorado? Soldiers should infect all the others and the safest thing to do should be killing them all. Told this I really love that mission


Because when you follow under-thought concepts and exploit recycled maps you end up with garbage levels that make no sense.


That’s pretty standard for bonus missions. Plus, I kinda like it, takes me back to the older games.


I really liked the new missions, especially the Colorado one was fun aswell as Hokkaido.
Bangkok was a neat start but definitely the “worst” of the bunch.

I loved the meeting at midnight timelimit in Sapienza because right as I changed my disguise to Brother Akram (?) the bell was tolling. Awesome!

All in all the missions were too easy, with the exception of Hokkaido. It was worth my 20 Euro and I haven’t even touched everything.


Patient Zero 1:54 Fiber wire run, as of right now #1 on ps4 leaderboards!


I’m so disappointed. I’ve updated the game and all. But Patient Zero or the GOTY is not in the PS4 Singapore (Asia) store. I have no idea wtfs happenning


Have you tried purchasing it from Hitman’s store tab on the main menu?


Yes. It says unavailable. I did that first. Then since it was not availabe i went to the store to check and found out its not even in the store