Patient Zero Campaign


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Speaking of Mr. Cage and things that make no sense: Why is everyone at GAMA such a moron? Ok you have this guy with an unknown and potentially lethal disease. You take this very serious, which is why you sealed off the ground floor of the hospital and have everyone working there wearing hazmat suits. Very smart!

But why the heck do you let people without hazmat suits walking around there? The outbreak only happens because some surgeon women thought it would be a swell idea to walk downstairs to look at the sick man and nobody tells her to leave. And then sometime later a doctor walks downstairs, enters to break room and predictably gets infected, too. I guess mandatory coffee breaks are more important than upholding a quarantine. :roll_eyes:


I just realized that in the list of leaked elusive targets, there is The Rouge Owen Cage.

Imagine the last mission is the elusive target with virus spreading :sweat_smile:.


Yes and also Bradley Payne was a leaked elusive target


I love this one…a celebration of the return of our beloved pistol distractions :grinning:


Soooooo…this campaign is a very half-assed dlc with a sniper only map basically?Damn…what a shame…


I wouldn’t call it half assed, and the sniper mission is pretty fun.


Oh alright then,glad to know that! I was scrolling around an it seemed the feedback was mostly negative. Good to know it’s a fun mission honestly.


Opinions are very mixed. I’d wait for a discount before buying this.


First full playthrough attempt of my ‘‘Ghost Assassin’’ run for ‘‘The Source’’ Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Only! Full HUD Off/No distractions/No Coins/No KO’s/No NPC’s Subdued etc etc… Hopefully with some other methods/routes i may be able to get a lot more time off, but this is my first attempt…


I guess I could wait as well,there are a few games that came out this month or that are coming out that really cought my attention! I wonder if the dlc is going on sale on Black Friday.


Woah I never heard of Ghost Assassin…totally should become a challenge that is aknowledged in the game! Litterally as if you were never there! Amazing,gonna watch the video once I get home.


Discount? the contents only £15!! I like it none the less. Definitely worth getting IMO


I’ve been doing runs like this for a while, but sometimes the missions in this current Hitman don’t always allow for the criteria i want or set, as you may have to use a distraction of some sort (radio/water tap) to get certain targets on there own… Depends on how well designed the missions are for ‘‘Hardcore Purist Stealth’’ runs like the one I just posted… Thanks :slight_smile:




No problem man,you deserve the compliments. I’m gonna try to do one as well;seems very good for roleplaying,although IDK if I’ll manage very well ahah


It saves progress in offline mode?


I hope this update will allow me to get the GOTY content. It’s updating right now

EDIT: Nope it didnt. I guess my problem is related to the PS4 asia/sg store. Travis did respond to my tweet so i hope we would be able get it here soon


I was cracking up when that happened, one of the funniest moments so far.


Confirmed Patient Zero campaign NOT accessible in offline mode for PC if not yet bought.

Not only that, I also lost access to Suits and Inventory in offline mode.