Patient Zero Campaign


That’s the unions for you. Though I think that guard in Anathema was pushing his allocated breaks a little bit, taking a leak every five minutes. He was, you might say, taking the pi- no, no I can’t.


I obsessively tried to stop the outbreak in Patient Zero, and was able to do so by subduing the first NPC the host comes into contact with (a female surgeon in the hallway). Eventually someone else will get infected, but you will have plenty of time to kill the two targets before that happens.


Killing the patient asap is probably the easiest and safest way to prevent the outbreak, you have a minute to do so before he starts wandering around.

Edit: Since he is highly delirious, he doesn’t see or hear shit. Meaning you can just ko someone in front of him and he wont react


Still ranting about “Muh game isn’t to mah standahds, so therefore, it’s shit!”?


Just finished the 2nd mission ‘‘The Author’’ Patient Zero. Again i give another 10/10…Only downside is that the method takes 20 minutes to do as i used no pistol to shoot the church bell…
Suit Only/Ghost Assassin/Fibre Wire Only


You don’t have to shoot the bell. There’s another method to get it to ring early.


That’s the room @ the bottom of the church to activate the bell clock works! There is a guard right next to the door, he don’t move at all & I strictly am using no distractions/no coins to get him to move…


Just finished it, i enjoyed it a lot, even the sniper mission which i though i was going to hate was a lot of fun, i hope they do 1 or 2 more “mini-campaigns” before season 2.


Why do people keep comparing The Vector to St Petersburg Stakeout? They’re nothing alike. The Vector has no tension and it’s too easy.
St Petersburg Stakeout actually allows you to roam the map, you have to get the sniper rifle and get to the building in time before the meeting starts, avoid guards while knowing that they could burst into the room any minute after you shot. Then make your way back.

The Vector si just a shooting gallery with four random targets.


While i agree that they are not alike, it’s not like st Petersburg was hard


Actually, the mission is designed so each challenge can be completed with any combination of random targets.


I just did all challenges on that and hiding all bodies was kinda hard. :smiley: I don’t really see possible hiding spots for everyone but maybe it can be done if you say so.


Does someone know a good way to do needlework challenge on hokkaido? And is there a certain number of NPCs you need to down to prevent the infection? I know of that first surgeon woman and another woman doctor later. Are there more?


But only one at a time? How for example would I get Environmentalist, Where Is EveryBODY?, and Silent Assassin simultaneously if one of the targets is the alcoholic at the tractor or the limping chess player? As far as I know it’s impossible without multiple shots, e.g. if you shoot the bottle the alcoholic drinks from he’ll move to another bottle close to a bush, but that prevents getting Environmentalist because you took more than five shots; I was never able to get him to move in front of a hiding spot naturally like some other targets. There seems to be at least one target in each area who does not move in front of a hiding spot unless triggered to do so.

Likewise there is severe RNG in the panic routines. If you light Paine on fire at the gun range in the first few seconds of the map you’re either totally fine or you have a gun range target fleeing, depending on whether the gun range/barn area was chosen to have one of the infected and whether they’re close to the accident. Same thing with explosions; sometimes you get away with it, sometimes it alerts 3 infected. You can still accident fleeing targets but that totally changes the dynamic and speed of the map in a way that can scuttle a challenge attempt in a very frustrating manner.

EDIT: There can also be RNG in spotting, Paine is sometimes noticed being shot into the first bush he passes by one of the leaf raking guys and sometimes isn’t, for example, and I know I’m taking the shots at effectively the exact same time because I’m slowing time with the Ghost and taking a shot in the same position.

Mind you, I don’t want to seem too critical (I like the idea and would love to see more Sniper Challenge maps), but if the solution is “any challenge can be completed, but only one at a time” that’s still kind of frustrating. It’s fun to shoot for multiple different challenges but if somebody were to try for an Environmentalist+Silent Assassin+Where Is EveryBODY run they’re essentially at the mercy of the gods and Diana in getting accommodating targets. Granted, that’s counterbalanced by being able to cheese the mission with saves maybe.


I played through it and enjoyed it :slight_smile: story is pretty good, I like the fact, that it can infect others and you have to take them out of their misery :smiling_imp:


I think it’s actually a good thing that not every guy has a bush behind them to which they can be shot in and you being able to do that unnoticeably without shooting other things as a distraction first.


Please no, 1 is already 1 too many


Nah, it was great fun, wouldnt mind seeing more. But i’d prefer them to be their own map built from scratch instead of reusing other. I’d also be fine with a Sniper Challenge pack that adds it to every map.


Disagree mate. Instead of 4 replayable maps i got 3. Haven’t even completed it and doubt that i will.


Well, i’m suggesting in instances that won’t take away replayable maps, it will merely be an extra.