Patient Zero Campaign


In that case i have no problems with it, i would just ignore it, and people who enjoy it can have their sniper challenge.

But having 1 of the 4 promised maps be a sniper only map is a big no no, and hope that never happens again


I understand what you’re saying… but you’re not going to like every single piece of content. Personally, I don’t really use contracts mode because it’s not my cup of tea but I still think it should be implemented on the new maps because you guys enjoy them. I thought the sniper mission was a nice change of pace and I’d like to see them develop more sniper maps (more depth, complexity and ways to change loops). It’s a big community of players and we’re all into different things, there’s no reason why we can’t all get what we want.


See my above answer to bernardo. Having it as an extra is fine, i would simply ignore it, and people who like it can enjoy it.
But having 1 of the 4 maps be a sniper only map is a big no.

To use your comparison with contracts, how would you feel if you’d only had 5 maps due to this extra.


I think Patient Zero is slowly becoming my least favorite mission. Colorado wasn’t that great but at least it doesn’t forces you to rush through the map and kill a bunch of people before they’re turning the whole map into targets.


Neither does Patient Zero


Well you have to kill Cage or subdue the people who would get infected fast enough.


Overall, I think the campaign was good, I loved Hokkaido’s idea and the mission itself, props for that, but i’m really disappointed in Colorado, just because I always thought that Colorado had and has potential, it’s just badly executed but that’s my opinion. I’m fine with the game going the way to do only Sniper, but please let us even if I have to complete the Sniper part, to restart and be able to freeroam or do the mission like any other, I felt empty after finishing that mission.

Bangkok was meh to be honest, simply because there’s not that much room to do anything, and for some reason they added thousands of fire extinguishers, the Militia feels useless right outside the map.

Sapienza was good overall.

Last thing I want to say, I cannot cope how these maps cannot be for contracts, maybe Colorado if that is scripted like that but for example, there’s an escalation for Hokkaido and there’s nothing happening with the guy infected, it goes as just like a contract, so very disappointed and I don’t agree with what IOI said.

Good things tho, I feel (at least) that they tweaked the field of view of NPC’s, they don’t seem to do shady things or at least not as much. Also, thank god for that Silverballer sound change, I watched old videos of HITMAN and I was dreading for that sound to come back, props to that. Also, #pistoldistractions. The visuals also look really beautiful.

Overall as I said, good campaign and changes.


You mean if I was missing a whole map from the first season? Yeah, not pumped, but bonus maps? I don’t mind it. Plus, lets be honest, it’s not the same amount of work. Doing a sniper only map must take less resources and time than a regular bonus mission. I’d venture to guess, we were either getting 3 missions or three missions and a sniper mission… I don’t think there was a ever a scenario where we would get 4 missions. These three are the least involved bonus mission… I think we know that if they had aimed for 4, the missions would be even lighter on new content.


Yes you have to kill 1 fast enough, not a bunch of people.


I gotta say, I really like the church bell in The Author. If you don’t touch it it will ring by itself in due time. You can activate it yourself (either by using the button in the basement or by shooting it), or you can drop the church bell in order to destroy it and stop it from ringing. More or less the perfect trigger in that you can let things happen naturally, speed them up, or stop them.


Yeah not claiming otherwise. :^D But I still kinda dislike that the time before the virus starts spreading is so short.


The point is that when you’re expecting 4 maps, it should be 4 hitman maps : sandbox. Not a sniper only map. Again, i’m fine with them adding those as an extra for the people that enjoy it, but don’t put it under the same label as a map. It’s not.

Based on what? (almost) no one knew about this 4 map pack untill they released info about it a few weeks ago. They could have taken 2 months extra to polish and make 4 and none of the players would be any wiser.


Yeah but you’re forced to rush through the map and either kill your target superfast or kill/subdue the potential victims supper fast to prevent the virus from spreading. You can’t really go around and explore the map. The slower you are, the more people get infected and the more people you have to kill. I’m just happy the reused ab existing map for this instead of a new one. That would’ve been a waste. I hope they never ever do something like this again in Season 2.


After you’ve killed the patient, you have all the time in the world to go around and explore the map.

Btw, it’s funny how you’re tresspassing now in your suit in the public areas of hokkaido (the restaurant, spa, etc)


Something in that default suit seems to be as suspicious as in a ninja or a motorcyclist disguise. It wouldn’t make sense if you could choose whatever suit you wanted to now though, since you couldn’t go anywhere with that.


It’s truer that none of us would know… but we also don’t know their financial situation. Maybe they couldn’t afford those two months. Still, it seems like we fundamentally agree anyway. More sniper stuff but not to the detriment of “actual” missions.


Have u checked if there’s still a VIP patient outfit in 47´s room?


I will leave that to you m8.


oke, will check it once I finish the contract I’m playing now


Guess you are right for once then :wink: