Patient Zero Campaign


I checked, robe still there

And Dexter has new pistol under his pillow


And are u allowed to freely move around with it?


I didn’t try, but everything looks like they don’t change anything related to the disguises in the open part of hospital. They removed some NPC (dude in WC), add some new dialogues and change decorations in certain rooms.

UPD. Damn, I was wrong, it’s HOSTILE AREA everywhere, if you wear this.
RIP exploration.


Did they not have time to finish “The Source” or what? I just discovered the fact that Jordan Cross’s suite still has the sound crew and studio and Jackie Carrington still has a passed out sound crew guy (and bagged disguise) in her room, complete with a branson mic next to him. Makes zero sense to me.


In my mind they are just alternate universes. Can’t imagine this guy would only assassinate people in these few places. To me season 1 is a universe, and so are the patient Zero missions and bonus missions respectively… otherwise they make absolutely no sense. Look at it that way… it’ll bother you less.


Okay, just finished the Campaign for the first time.

Bangkok was a good Mission, liked it more than Club 27.

Sapienza was also nice, but not better than World of Tomorrow.

Colorado was ok, but way too easy.

Hokkaido. Oh God. Hokkaido looked beautiful, but the Mission just sucks. What in Gods name where they thinking?


If you inject Owen Cage with emetic poison during the Needle Work process, the game treats it as lethal which I find kind of fun.


I also love how you can shoot it from almost anywhere in the map, making it even more versatile.


I kinda suspect this is the real reason they don’t want contracts made in Holiday Hoarders or these missions… it’s the same reason that they’ve said that they don’t want infinitely replayable ETs. If you spend enough time in these missions you’d really notice how pasted-in and cobbled together everything is. I’ve even noticed that the targets have generic NPC voices when you bump into them, like ETs but unlike all other mission targets.

I think this indicates just how difficult it is to create a new bonus mission of the caliber of the summer bonus episodes. They clearly did a lot of work on Holiday Hoarders and these missions, but they left a lot of holes. I think it’s fine to have both types: the more quick-and-dirty bonus missions and campaigns as well as the bonus missions that take a lot of time and divert resources from future seasons.


Speaking of the motorcyclist, the disguise is still there but has been moved. It’s no longer on the body but instead on a cart next to the crematory. So most disguises from Situs Inversus can be found in this mission. The only ones I haven’t seen yet are the Surgeon, Chief Surgeon, Baseball Player, Portman and Ninja.



20 fuckin big ones.


Hokkaido - SA - Pushes:


Its only £15 lol It won’t be going down in price.


I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuge fan of the Sniper Challenge from 2012 (I loved it more than Absolution) so when that briefing started up and I figured out it was round 2 I got so excited. @Travis_IOI pass on to the team my thanks dude. I personally wouldn’t mind a few more of these while we wait for season 2.

(Can one of the sniper reskins be an Agency Kazo pls :slight_smile: )

I had fun with Patient Zero too, I found it stressful.




How about if Sniper Variants were like an alternative Game Mode like Escalations?

You can play all the S1 maps from a unique vantage point in that mode but they are not core missions just like the Escalations are just mission variants? :slight_smile:


In this alternate universe Jordan Cross already went solo and didn’t tell The Class…


Git rikt Diana.
I don’t have time for your bullshit.


Yeah that’s probably the most dynamic thing in the map. It only really affects Hokkaido. Couldn’t they just turn off that effect during contracts mode?
Real shame they didn’t add any of the maps.


How bout you read my posts after that.




wouldn’t it be cool in that situation like if you stand beside Wes Liston (The Record Producer) long enough.