Patient Zero Campaign


Mr Freeze already completed every mission getting silent assassin/suit only !


So? Does he want medal Or something:DD


Why can’t I just call in the missile strike to destroy the clinic?


Ohmigod! Random brain fart:


WOW! Imagine that! :sunglasses:


My run of Patient Zero.


While I know I will learn of this later, when I’ve bought Patient Zero… I just want to know:

What is the story reason for 47 being unable to approach Infected persons in Colorado and yet he is able to engage Infected persons in close quarters in Hokkaido?

Different virus strain? 47 learned he has natural immunity? What?


Let me know what you guys think!!


Good job! Music was nice. I like it.


Had to throw in the 28 weeks later soundtrack. It fit it well.


Well he actually gets infected himself if he gets too close to an infected person without a hazmat suit, so he really doesn’t have an immunity. :joy: But I know right, storywise that doesn’t make sense.


It’s a good thing though that it’s in Hokkaido GAMA map. I have a knack for surviving Mass Murderer runs there.


Because they both know who was infected in Hokkaido, the target. In Colorado they didn’t.

And Hokkaido has hazmat suits. :smiley:


Basically risks of virus leak etc. weren’t as serious in Colorado as it was only a test of the virus. Patient Zero was the emergency backup plan; the proper terrorist attack attempt if you will, so Diana and agency said fuck it 47 we gotta risk it this time.


I think virus becomes contagious after some hours and not immediately. Otherwise we should kill also every soldier in Colorado, japanese policemen who arrested Cage and people on his airplane. But why in Hokkaido every npc is contagious immediately? Maybe because Owen Cage’s disease is in the final stage and is more powerful. Or because to avoid virus spread we have to kill whoever gets in contact with it even if he’s in initial stage and not really contagious


So basically it’s INFERNO… with the option to break the virus open in the end…


Actually yeah, that’s literally it except none of the people pointing at old objects and finding a clue literally written on the base of the old objects that they just spent ages discussing the old age of :joy:
So it’s still better than that movie


How is that impressive when 3 outta 4 maps are just easier to do without changing disguises


Man, if this is how IOI do stuff going forward? I hope they base Season Two on the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. 47 learns his entire history, and his memories of the Asylum, are fabricated. And therefore everything WE know is also just fabricated!

You learn the REAL Dr. Ort-Meyer is still alive and all other kinds of incredible stuff… Stuff the Constant knows some part of…And just like MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE the plot involves mercenaries, geneticists, and expeirments… not just in making assassins, but in creating sleepers to be inserted into seats of power - a plot about literal “Kingmakers” using the same superior DNA that made 47 to make people who would be successful leaders but are all sleeper agents with some being possible sleeper assassins.

That would be awesome.


I loved it when I got this line :smile: it’s a nice touch


SOSA is oddly quite simple so far in this campaign…
Hopefully the final mission is more difficult!!!

The Author - SOSA - Fiber Wire - 4:02