Patient Zero Campaign


The Corky Commotion Level 3 SA (2:06)

Pistol Distractions boiiiiii

That Colorado mission though, @mackdadi it’s your time to shine!


Tips for Sniper Assassin?
Knock out your targets in hazmat suit, then kill them in bodyguard suit.


Should have had a 0:59 once, but had a non-target kill. Spent too many hours on this, haha


The Dexter Discordance Level 3 SA (1:04)

This trick was recently discovered and will probably get nerfed by IOI, shooting a loud gun near someone that heard a silenced gunshot negates the sound of the loud gun.


I have just finished the Patient Zero Campaign yesterday. I gotta say, I truly enjoyed playing it and every single moment of it. Bangkok looked wonderful at night. The atmosphere of the maps were great. I hope IOI keeps doing more campaign’s like this one. Totally worth my $20 to them. :smiley:

  • The Source: This was a cool mission. The penthouse where the targets were looked really great. I also love the dialogue and possibly, what looked like to me, is the new voices I heard. Overall, well designed and cool map. Though I still don’t understand why contracts mode isn’t available for this map. Didn’t see anything that involved “dynamic nature”.
  • The Author: This one was awesome! :+1: I liked the 3 objectives in this one. And how Craig Black can leave the mission after he has the viral weapon. Great character design on this one and once again, cool dialogue. Pretty outstanding mission.
  • The Vector: This was good. I find it to be a good sniper only mission. And the many different accident opportunities in this one. I failed this one so many times, that I laughed every single time. :joy: The bushes to hide the bodies was a good one as well. Fun mission to me! :grin:
  • Patient Zero: Amazing work on this one! Loved playing it. The fact that Owen Cage can spread the virus to anyone who is near to him without a hazmat disguise is awesome. And then spreading it to everyone else. On my first run I eliminated 22 infected people. I’m glad it didn’t count against the rating. 10/10 mission right there!

The briefings and the plane cutscene was pretty impressive! Keep up the great work Diana. :wink: Anyhow, I loved this campaign. I hope IOI can keep doing stuff like this later in the future. :sunglasses:


‘‘The Author’’ Suit Only/Ghost Assassin/Fibre Wire Only


‘‘The Author’’ Uploading the full playthrough. Suit Only/Sieger 300 Advanced Sniper Rifle/Sniper Assassin Challenge complete, 2 single headshots & i went for the longest distance possible on both targets.

Screenshot (3)


Colorado & Hokkaido by far the most unique mission I’ve ever play on hitman games

Colorado: Sniper Nest +First time ever Targets are acquiring from Live briefing on Diana. (random targets everytime)

Hokkaido: If you wait too long to kill the First Two Targets, the Virus spreads and you have to kill all the NPC that get infected, and you can get infected too. I’ve not finish this yet.

GOOD JOB IOI, IOI JUST Stepped the gameplay, Patient Zero is just a Warm up to Season 2!!

I don’t get it on another forums people say Patient zero is a disappointment.


Nope. Hitman 2 St Petersburg stakeout was the first one


Yah but that one is pure static & scripted imho

This one are randomize, means every start the mission it is random target from Diana,

Even after Load from previous savegame, it is different everytime :joy:


Bit late but throwing it in there anyway, similar to how most people did it :joy:


Smell jealousy XD

20 big jealous characters


SA/SO for The Source


Patient Zero: The Source - Silent Assassin/Suit Only

Like I said before, this was a cool one. I enjoyed playing it. Briefings are intense! :smile:


Still didn’t play last mission in campaign patient zero but up until now it was super fun! And sniper challenges mission in Colorado is so cool I wish to have more like this in the near future (remind me the mobile and the old sniper challenge from absolution which is very cool and refreshing)


The Author 1:32


That was very reminiscent of Hitman Contracts for some reason. I think it was the soundtrack, night time and ambience of the cathedral. The only thing missing was rain, omission of the heroic exit theme, and a better fiber wire animation.


So what is the vodka for in the source? Has anyone found out?


putting target on fire


I really loved this campaign. The tone and the missions were fantastic. My only complaint is that I wish we had more starting locations and that we could pick the suit for 47.
Edit: that last point is about the Patient Zero mission