Patient Zero Campaign


The gimmicks for the escalations and the last two missions were excellent (especially when you figure out how to contain the virus). I enjoyed the sniper mission (don’t get all the hate, it’s nicely implemented on a map that’s clearly suited for it (wish we had indoor targets and wall banging). The fist two were standard fare but benefitted from an excellent soundtrack and strong visual mood. That’s without mentioning the spoilers surprises we got.


Damn i have no clue how to do that, its not showing up in my inventory


I been meaning to ask… Is there a reason this particularly powerful assassin is not on this forum?

Did he violate some kind of Code or anger the League of Shadows or something?


Triggered Fanboy spotted


People on this forum generally dislike his attitude, so he stopped posting here.


Kitchen on the first floor, where Ken Morgan tasted food.


Apparently you can dress as both Craig Black and Brother Akram in The Author.


i just figured out a really cool way of killing Brother with the Sniper, i wonder if anyone did it yet.


I just only noticed that in the GOTY missions there aren’t opportunities to follow. At least on the in game menu.


You mean the one where his body isn’t spotted?
Yep, I did it. The first way I killed him.
Edit: shit I thought you meant the source


If he was anything like the Antonio Banderas character from ASSASSINS, then yeah, best he stayed away. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. A bit of research tells me Miguel Bain had more charm… :stuck_out_tongue:


Special cinematic Silent Assassin Video (No Speedrun)
To celebrate the new content :smiley: and the awesome Disguises
Enjoy all 47´s round the world!


@Travis_IOI :+1: Top notch content. The IOI Team did a great job. Thank you guys!


it’s a shame that there is virus retrieval objective on the authoer, i discovered something cool but it’s a bit useless since you have to go all the way to the body either way…


Two targets, one virus. That’s a notorious tradition of Sapienza mission.


The Cheveyo Calibration Level 3 SA (55s)

Pistol Distractions <3


I got Silent Assassin and Suit Only in Hokkaido without adding additional targets. If we go near Cage ang shot him to death into a second, we don’t get infect. I distracted with a coin the researcher with him, before they go to Liebleid, knocked him out with a can and then killed immediately Cage shooting to the head. No need to take antidote or to kill infected people.
To kill Liebleid I found that if you put a corpse with the right disguise near a door you can open it. So I put a researcher near the door and I killed the scientist


What did you discover?


And none of the NPCs in the church can see through the disguise. Not the bodyguards, not the crew in the basement and not the fans. Maybe the Superfan does, but he’s always the first one I knock out.I t’s like George RR Martin goes to the toilet and comes back as thin, clean shaved, bald man and nobody cares.

This is why I like Hitman. :rofl:


Disguise as Brother Akram and attend the meeting with Craig Black and see what happens when the conversation ends…


Damn, so close to 47 seconds.

Gotta love those record times tho, @theWizard did you just guess all targets correctly?