Patient Zero Campaign


Awesome. That one took me so long haha


Random targets in Vector, right? They are randomized on mission start. So if you save immiediately after you start it, you should have same targets when loading. I got 14 seconds, when my targets were Spec Ops near gas canister, Mechanic near gas canister, Elite Militia boxing in the back and Cook playing on laptop. Then it was all about figuring where to shoot and actually doing that.


Yeah it’s a basic pick-your poison scenario, but I only got two right. The rest of em panicked themselves tho.


So I finally bought the Patient Zero campaign and I have to say: I really love it! I only completed The Source and The Author so far but man, this is something else. I’ll give my tops and cons:

Bangkok: Love what they did with the atmosphere. Night time bangkok looks majestic and sure has a special feel too it. I also like what they did with the queen suite. Looks so different from what it was! About the kills, not much to say about them. There aren’t much unique kills, but I really liked burning Oybek Nabazov in the ritual kind of thing. :fire: Sister Yulduz however is kinda boring because of the lack of kills, but overall the targets are fine. What I didn’t like, as mentioned before, is that the whole west wing building is still of the Class’ shit. I hoped they removed all of it and made it look like a normal hotel, but no. I was also surprised by the militia soldiers at the back of the hotel. Kinda odd thought. Overall: I like what they added with the new mission, and it really gives you that cult vibe, but I was disappointed too many things were the same as from the original.

Sapienza: I really, really like this one! It so different from the other Sapienza levels and it has a cool spooky/mysterious vibe to it. What they did to the church is really cool and the targets are very special. You have more ‘opportunities’ in this one, which makes it more fun than the Bangkok mission. And a really cool thing which is finally possible, you can dress up as both targets, how cool is that! It really gives you more possibilities in doing the job. What was kinda disappointing was the routine of Brother Akram, he doesn’t seem to go anywhere unless you ring the church bell. And that brings me to another point: this mission has a cycle of events going on, like in the older games. Targets doing their thing, after a while they meet each other and the deal goes down, and then another thing happens. I really liked that! Overall: I’m into this one. The music really get’s me and makes me feel I’m really dealing with a shady cult. The opportunities you have, the things they did with the map and the vibe makes this my favorite Sapienza bonus mission yet. You can see they put more effort in this one than in the Bangkok one.

Oh, and two nice pics I took while playing: :blush:


You can shoot the appartment bell from the Church Tower. Then see what happens :wink:


Interesting and probably useless fact: A New Bat is completely legal on Professional difficulty, as long as you’re Corky the Clown. Most non-lethal melee becomes illegal/suspicious on Pro (including the Claw Hammer and Crystal Ball), and A New Bat is hefty enough to easily break cameras when thrown at them, so there’s… some potentially utility there, I guess?


I shot it from the beach huehue


So uhm. Can I assume that the “Slam Dunk” challenge in The Source is as BS as I think it is? Seems entirely random if you manage to do it with the existing FEs.

I like the concept but success really should’ve been scripted.


Yeah it’s a bit of a crapshoot, but if you get her hanging onto the canopy and it doesn’t register, you can shoot the corpse. A high knockback weapon like the Striker should work even better.


For your reference, here is my run.


Here it is. In The Author, you can get an easy kill on Brother by shooting his door bell

Sadly since you still need to retrieve the virus it’s a bit useless. Stuff like this is a really neat detail and one of the reasons we should get contracts mode for it.


Does he return to the apartment after the meeting (I thought he did)? The virus does switch hands afterall.


I never let it play that far, but i believe he returns to the apartment yes.


Then can’t you perform this kill on him after the meeting and get the virus off of Craig Black?


You could, but it has no particular value in a speed context. It takes Brother Akram forever to get to the meeting spot even if you shoot the bell at the very start of the map, and Craig Black won’t go to the meeting immediately either (if he’s in the middle of a book reading, he will wait until he finishes). And Craig Black tries to leave once he has the virus, so ultimately you’re on the clock to kill him and while you’re doing that Brother Akram is likely to already be in the area; why not kill both?

However, it would be very interesting in Contracts Mode if Brother Akram were a target. That balcony is a blind spot where none of his guards will go, so for missions where you just need to kill him it’d be a very nice trick.


He does. When the meeting is over he goes back and does the same thing as before the meeting.


All right. After restarting a bit, I believe I got perfect RNG in target choosing and managed to drop the time to 13 sec for The Vector. I’m gonna keep the save in case I need to get 1 more second off, but I hope it won’t be necessary.


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Regardless, can we stop the petty argument pl0x :slight_smile:


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