Patient Zero Campaign


Spodey just told me what Freeze is like. I take everything back. Fuck that guy! :alien:


At the very least it’s cool for a Suit Only Sniper Assassin at least


Lol you got too much spare time.


I just want a top leaderboard spot in at least one mission. Is it too much to ask?


Yes, how dare you to play this game in the way you like?


Hokkaido killing everyone live NOW:


Good job. The door bell shot is simply brilliant. Also, Well managed with the second target.

It’s really a shame that i can’t play PZ campaign yet: this mission looks really interesting. Almoust like landslide.


The Vector (Psychic Strats)

The Vector is a very silly map when you use Save/Load to lock in the targets.

I was watching @_AnoMade run Patient Zero and he came up with a fun routing that I ended up tweaking a bit to see what I could get out of it. This run is substantially similar to his, albeit with my own tweaks and execution:

Patient Zero (1:05)


wow finally able to play the author first game. what a great level. the atmosphere and the fact you could disguise as target was incredibly well done.


Yeah, The Author and Pacient Zero are small but ended up being one of my favorites so far. Really reminded of the vibe from the previous games.


It’s really heartening seeing that they’re working to implement new mechanics (such as the excellent virus mechanic). These are just a taste… the future of Hitman is very bright (also love the inclusion of fun gimmicky weapons like “a new bat” and “the striker”).


Had exams over the last week so I only just got it today. I’ve been a fan of every mission in the game so far (par the icon as a bonus) and I actually find myself surprised at how disappointed I was with this bonus pack. I can forgive Holiday Hoarders given it was free, but these missions feel really rushed.

I wish I could say I enjoyed this, and I respect those who do, but these huge maps are confined to such a small space like the icon, and there is a lack of variety in kills.

I remember expressing concern when I saw 40+ specific contracts, but out of 45 most compose of the traditional silent/sniper assassins. I actually enjoyed Colorado but overall I’m very underwhelmed. Hopefully the ideas implemented in the missions can be taken to season 2 (disguising as targets) but on a grander scale.


@Travis_IOI thank you so much for this surprising new content - the side new campaign Patient Zero is brilliant - I just Iove it so much!!! Done all challenges (you always make them so cool !!! even I miss a bit the opportunities guides and Diana reading objectives and intel in mission…)
Send a very good positive for the team hopefully you will be able to grab some profits and make season 2 release faster! (More missions, maps, mini maps) May the force be with you IOI rocks! Make HITMAN to stay relevant I love this game so much!
P.S New UI theme is amazing!


Patient Zero (Last Mission) Sniper Assassin/Silent Assassin


So finished all the challenges in three of the four missions. I just can’t be fucked with the Sapienza-based one at the moment. I’m over it as a location and just don’t want to play it. Even though the little I’ve played of it looks like it could be one of the better Patient Zero missions. I played it once just for story purposes, I just can’t bring myself to go back to it.

Should’ve been set in Paris.


Managed to figure out a method on how to Sniper Kill Brother Akram before he even leaves his room, but you only have a split second to land the single headshot before he makes his way out of the room, you can also Fibre Wire Craig Black right after that sniper headshot on Brother Akram. Full Playthrough coming soon!


‘‘The Author’’ Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Sniper Assassin Challenge Complete/Ghost Sniper Assassin/5 Star Rating


Took me about two and half hours with the use of saves, but I think it was worth it. Killed everyone on the map Silent Assassin.

Now to record it without the use of saves. Kappa


Patient Zero - SO/SA/FW - No Infected Kills - 4:18

That is all the maps done SOSA Fiber Wire Only!
Really good campaign. Lots of cool and unique things. If Season 2 builds on stuff like this I will be very much looking forward to it!


@GuLe your run is awesome m8 :open_mouth: :clap: