Patient Zero Campaign


How’d you Fiber Wire The Vector? :grinning:


How can you kill everyone and get Silent Assassin? Aren’t the guys in Hazmat suits immune to infection?


Not if you steal their clothes


Oh. Good one.

Needs a lot of work, I assume.


So I wanted to see what happens if you take out the author and then go to the photo shooting disguised as him.

Sadly nothing happened. The photographer just stayed on his phone forever without saying anything and even when I distracted him, he immediately pulled out the phone again afterward. Sure there’s no reason to start this opportunity when the target’s already death, but it would’ve been funny to have 47 coming up with an answer to the nerds question. :wink:



The Cheveyo Calibration Level 3

Best Escalation i played yet :smiley:


Jumped in a locker for an hour after starting up Patient Zero and just waited. As of 45 minutes or so there are 80 infected and the number doesn’t seem to be increasing. While a large number of people are infected, there are notable exceptions:

  • The naked dude in the staff quarters somehow does not get infected by Nails or the two other guys in there.
  • Large portions of the spa don’t get infected, but other ones (including the Yoga Instructor) do. Probably due to the Yoga Instructor wandering back and forth.
  • Nobody in the Morgue gets infected naturally, meaning it’s totally possible to vaccinate yourself without ever catching the infection yourself.
  • There are obviously another 20 or so NPCs who aren’t in any infection pathing routes unless there’s an extremely long loop here, though I’m not sure where they might be.
  • Hazmat guys of course don’t get infected naturally, since you have to steal their disguise to infect them.


I feel like the Agency should give you a bonus for all the extra targets. :slightly_smiling_face: But then again we don’t get paid anymore so…


A couple sort-of different no ko runs for The Author. One is fiber-wire only and uses the bell, the other one doesn’t use the bell.


Did you notice that 47, in a cutscenes after The Author, has a copy of Craig Black’s book? Maybe stolen in Sapienza? I find funny he reads a book of someone he has just killed


Well, I’ve played enough now that I think I can give a more detailed opinion.

First of all, I really like the concept of this doomsday cult and their virus, it helps add a sense of urgency as well as an unsettling atmosphere (well underscored by the new music).
The fact that we have the same client and motive throughout all of this, and the goal is clear instead of a mystery is kind of refreshing.

I’ll give each mission a breakdown.

The Source

This is mixed bag for me.
On one hand I like the targets, the concept of the cult, and the layout of the Oybek side of the hotel.
On the other hand I think it’s almost embarrassing that there are remnants of ”Club 27” all over the map. Jackie Carrington and the branson mic in her room, and the Jordan Cross wing of the hotel. Remove the studio and sound crew, open it up to guests, and have a high profile guest with security in the suite to make it harder to reach.

Why is this here? When is this set? A day before/after? But 47 leaves by plane after this… in both campaigns. Ugh.

I liked the fire kill on Oybek, but thought the Slam Dunk challenge was stupid considering it’s extremely hard to make it work without a lot of trial and error or just relying on random chance. It should’ve been scripted to succeed when you blow up the FE:s that are aready in that room.

Good kill with a good blend setup to witness it.

Attempt 107.

This could’ve been a lot better with a bit more time put into removing all of ”Club 27”.

The Author

My favorite of the lot. Extremely nice atmosphere (in part aided by the new lighting). It just looks stunning.

New lighting and the night time setting really blew me away. Sapienza once again just looks great.

It has some fun kills (though I am missing a really memorably one) and set pieces. And of course the way the church bell works is very good.

I don’t know if there is any time in a Hitman game where a meeting is going down and it isn’t awesome. This is no exception.

IO could’ve probably tried to make it more believable that it happens in Sapienza. Maybe there’s rumors about what Silvio wanted to do there with his virus, and it inspired Craig Black to use this location for the meet up.

The Vector

Fun for what it is, but ultimately less replay value than a ”real” mission. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this again, just for the change of pace, but it needs to be transparent that this is what it is. If I am not mistaken the campaign was advertised as 4 missions, but this doesnt really qualify in my opinion.

I enjoyed having Diana give intel to narrow down the search for targets.

Again, maybe some attempt at explaining away the coincidence of going there again would’ve been in place.

Patient Zero

Fun idea, though the virus starts spreading too early. If it took a little longer, you wouldnt have to do such a mad dash every damn time you wanted to avoid extra targets. It sort of forces a samey start of the mission where you rush to stop the spread.

Really liked how they changed the area surrounding the operation theater, but the rest of the mission needs some work. At least the removal of the characters, like Amos Dexter, from Situs Inversus, possibly replaced by new characters. Obviously characters that work at the hospital, like the yoga instructor and the director could stay.

It had a couple of fun kills/set pieces as well.

For some reason the fire kills are everywhere in this campaign. Luckily they are awesome.

So that’s it for the mission breakdown.
I aso noticed that there are aspects to this campaign that might be signs of things to come in Season 2, and indicators that IO have been listening and are adapting accordingly.
For instance, a common complaint about Season 1 was that you couldn’t disguise yourself as the targets in any of the missions, in this three target disguises were wearable.

Finally, 47 gets to dress up as a craft beer afficianado.

The way the church bell works might also be a sign that IO have been putting more time into triggers and how they work in general.

All in all I quite like it. It’s a fun campaign, and I like the story to the point where I kind of wish it was a ”real” campaign rather than a bonus one. The ending seemed to imply more story to come. Looking forward to the season 2 bonus campaign (assuming they make one) to pick that up.

To be continued?


I got the super secret crossbow that shoots fiber wires across the map. Easy peasy. The PS4 refuses to record it because of how awesome it is :sunglasses:


Well, he read previous ones prior, since he makes question about them, after photoshoot as fan. Makes sense he would want to read final book too.


I like to imagine that 47 is actually a fan of the book series and the question he asked was something that really bothered him.

Also is it just me or is Cassandra Snow supposed to be a parody of Anita Blake?


Great campaign, thanks IOI ! My “Source” SA -


My run of The Source

IMO waving a flammable stick around is really not a good idea for The Teacher. :wink:


Lol I love how you stab her to the chest when she turns around without animation.


Fiber-wire only without interfering with the routine of the targets.


I figured out a SOSA Fiber Wire Only method for Parient Zero that can be done in about 2 mins.

BUT because 47 cant figure out how to Fiber Wire someone who is sitting down, I cant do it :sob::sob::sob: