Patient Zero Campaign


Just another day for Agent 47 doing some Sniping Practice on his favourite Target ‘‘Brother Akram’’

The first two missions are great! I ain’t even touched the other 2 yet :smiley:


The Author - Poison (2:13):


I will never have the skills like our HMF speed runners :wink: I need slow-mo version for some of their runs.


Ah yes, that’s true: not every combination will let you feasibly achieve Environmentalist at the same time as Where is EveryBODY and Silent Assassin. I can see that this may be frustrating, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t be able to reliably complete Unsafe Work Environment at the same time as Brain Detail, Environmentalist, or Where is EveryBODY? anyway – regardless of the configuration. I’m happy you found those little ways of manipulating the infecteds’ routines, though. :wink:
Regarding the effects on random targets on the outcome of accidents and found bodies, that’s true as well: if someone witnesses a murder or hears an explosion, you may or may not have an escapee on your hands depending on the configuration. The only way to completely avoid it is to stick to silent kills, and when attempting Unsafe Work Environment, the potential accidents along the escape routes are your friends! :slight_smile:
@Beldingford, there’s at least one for every potential target – but some of them may require you to mess with the target first. :wink:


Okay as we know that all the Patient Zero missions names are based on Main Targets “Codenames” but in the Briefing of Vector Bradley Paine is called Brainwasher not the Vector. I find this Pretty strange


Almost certainly a scrapped Elusive Target they repurposed for the campaign.



You can actually snipe Yulduz from outside the hotel in this spot. If you are in the right position you won’t be spotted, the body will not be found unless there’s a lockdown, and it can be done Suit Only.

Possibly even doable with a pistol as well.


The Author SA (1:05)

Mixtape right before shooting makes the guard not go for the gunshot.

Taking the target’s disguise makes the other one go to the meeting inmediately.

git rkt kiniu.



Works with silverballer, just did it :+1:


Ive only just got the Patient Zero dlc. I’ve been avoiding all spoilers and what not, and gonna stream playing it for the first time


Is it possible to complete Patient Zero ‘‘The Source’’ with all these 4 Challenges in one playthrough?
1=Sniper Assassin
2=Suit Only
3=Penetrating Art
4=Two Birds With One Sniper Rifle

5=And extra Bonus No Alarms/No Coins Used/No Cameras Destroyed/Never Spotted Once By Anyone/2 Single Headshots Only/No Gunshots Heard?? Sure is…


I grabbed Patient Zero yesterday on Steam.

Was surprised to find it at 6,99 individually(!) without the costume DLC so I immediately grabbed it at that price. Not interested in the costumes (Which would be almost DOUBLE that price on top of the 6,99 for some reason? Insanely stupid game industry we live in.)


Here’s a SA/SO from me :smiley:

credit to dummee for the Big One kill method ofc!


You will be missing out on the new weapons though.


I had a lot of fun routing this particular run! (3:05)


My run, AUTHOR, fiber wire, SA


Patient Zero: The Author - Silent Assassin/Suit Only

This one had to be the best one overall. Had so much fun on this! :smiley:

Patient Zero: The Vector - Silent Assassin (0:38)

This one was pretty good. Quite liked playing it. :smiley:
3 Challenges were completed in this run and they were…

  • Silent Assassin

  • Unsafe Work Environment

  • The One That (Almost) Got Away


Finally found the will power to stomach The Author for challenge completion purposes… What a boring mission.

SA/SO was so simple and didn’t really require much thought. I did it by killing Craig Black with the pen and then went through the Safehouse to Brother Akram’s apartment, took out the guard by the bathroom and snapped BA’s neck. :confused:


The Source – SA/ SO/ No KO/ Fiber Wire (5:06)