Patient Zero Campaign


Just completed SA in patient zero with all these challenges at the same time, quite proud of it tbh


Random observations as I run around the Patient Zero maps exploring:

The Source

  • Nearly every placed disguise is still there, including Julian’s Recording Crew outfit, the Hotel Security outfit in the security room, etc. Just something interesting.
  • Lion Forrest (the Looking Into The Distance guy) is still present, and appears on the far dock after 10 minutes like normal. Also if you shoot the area sort of near him a sampan takes off at high speed.
  • Insecticide’s still in the bug van.
  • Room 104 still has Poison Pills in it. Combined with the ones in the bathroom on the other side, you could get up to three Consumed Poison kills on this map if it had contracts, or a five Poison kill contract.
  • The Katana is still in Heidi’s room.
  • The Sapper’s Axe is not only still present, but the vending machine in front of it has been removed so it’s easy to see.
  • Hotel Security can enter the recording studio now.
  • There are only a couple of them, but Jordan Cross’s Bodyguard still exists. The disguise still has its old access permissions, including the basement, except it cannot even set foot on the exhibition floor, everything from the top of the stairs is Trespassing.
  • Mercenary doesn’t seem to have access to the main hotel staff areas, despite being a “guard” disguise (unlike Jordan Cross’s Bodyguard on Club 27). It only really has access to the two areas that those guys are hanging out in, plus public spaces. I don’t think anyone else has access to areas they have access to though.
  • Cult Bodyguard seems to have the same access issues as Mercenary, except different unique access. It cannot go into the basement or onto the roof.

The Author

  • You can get out of bounds into the mansion on The Author in the same way you do on Landslide (and you can also get back in the same way). Nothing of interest there except the Virus Prototype, which is still present and still doesn’t really do anything. Fewer doors are locked as are locked on Landslide. It is a pretty neat sniping point though.
  • Most of the little shops are unlocked, though you are still Trespassing inside them. Wine shop is a noteworthy exception. No outfits in the flower shop, but there is an extra Insecticide. Stylist is locked, but there’s no real reason, as it’s completely empty.
  • Can’t find any Folding Knives on this version of Sapienza, but there are Scissors in the Sanguine shop.
  • Yellow Shirt Hat Guy still walks out to where the accident would be, but just looks at nothing on his phone.
  • Most of the outfits in the cafe/Sanguine shop are gone now. You can still KO Emilio Milani and take his Housekeeper disguise, the only one of its kind on the map with the mansion closed.
  • There is a free Waiter outfit in the apartment that the gardener lives in on World of Tomorrow (or where Abiatti’s assistant is on Landslide).
  • The Kitchen Assistant and Chef outfits are still accessible thanks to the gelateria, though I’m not sure there are any free ones.
  • The door in the basement area that leads to the tower stairs is locked, and the Town Hall Key doesn’t open it. Weird.
  • The Propane Tank in the evidence room of the town hall is missing, and there’s a Screwdriver there now too, but otherwise nothing much different.
  • There’s Rat Poison in the wine shop and at the top of the tower.
  • You can’t climb up/down from the clock face on the tower, because it’s midnight and both hands are pointing up. Cute.
  • The Bohemian is present in his apartment, and the hookah is also there. It’s Trespassing again though. You can climb out his window and down to Bravuomo’s office, but the window’s closed and you can’t get inside.
  • Salvatore Bravuomo is in his office, though it’s the World of Tomorrow layout. He can be easily lured into the bathroom with the radio and you can take his disguise (the bodyguard in there with him doesn’t even recognize you!). There’s also a Wrench in there for some reason. The safe in there has an Exploding Golf Ball in it; you can find the combination attached to his secretary’s monitor. There’s a new camera in his office, up high on the ceiling looking down on the area near the secretary’s desk. Bravuomo has his usual access but is Trespassing in the church area.
  • Brother Akram has access to his own apartment, but no others, and the church area (including the sewers). Craig Black seems similar.
  • Rocco’s apartment (or whoever is living there now) has an evidence recorder. I suspect there’s an easter egg related to this, because the monitor next to it shows Hitman Sniper Challenge.
  • There are an absurd number of easy Push accident opportunities on this map. Like, dozens of people who can be shoved over railings or kicked off docks with nobody around to notice.

Patient Zero

  • There’s a Striker in Amos Dexter’s room, presumably the only way someone who doesn’t have the Cowboy Suit and Dexter Discordance Escalation can ever use it.
  • There are two safes, one in the stem cell room and one in the Director’s office. Both have Modern Lethal Syringes in them, so one could do a total of four Injected Poison kills on this map were it available for contracts. Both Botulism Toxin bottles are also still there, so five Poison kill contracts would be possible on this map.
  • The crowbar is missing from under the helipad, and without it I’m not sure it’s possible to pry open the lockboxes, so you’d need a lockpick.
  • The Patient outfit in the bathroom is not present. I don’t think there’s a free one now. Would make contracts interesting in a way.
  • The VIP Patient outfit in Tobias Rieper’s suite (which is undergoing cleaning) appears to have the same trespassing and access privileges as the outfit you start with, which is to say none. It can’t even enter its own suite!
  • The Director stays in his office, which means there’s no way to get his outfit without breaching the door somehow or luring him out (or getting someone to let you in). He has the same access privileges as on Situs Inversus but the quarantine area is Hostile even to him!
  • Klaus Lieblied’s outfit is considered Trespassing outside of the hospital, surprisingly.
  • Helicopter Pilot is Hostile in the quarantine area and Trespassing in the hospital and morgue. I believe it had access to most of those on Situs Inversus.
  • One of the people cleaning Yamazaki’s suite is a Handyman, for some reason. The Katana’s still in there.
  • The Curator’s neurochip control remote is not present, meaning there’s essentially no reason whatsoever to enter the Doctor’s Quarters.


Wait, the katana’s still there. Could anyone do a katana run of Patient Zero? It’ll be awesome.


I think Jeff has one and you can get it from him before he jumps off the cliff.


How do you get into the mansion in the author/landslide mission? I didn’t realise it was possible


I’d like to know this too.


This was the case in regular Bangkok if I remember correctly. They are not allowed to be in Morgan’s suite. Makes sense it was kept this way.


Is the campaign worth getting now or wait until the GOTY edition is in a sale?


I would also like to know how @Nakar :slight_smile:


I like the interaction you can have with Craig as the Ghost Fan in the Author.
It’s so strange how much 47 knows about the Cassandra books, even pointing out all the flaws and inconsistencies with it. He’s done way too much reading. He needs a better hobby.


I think it’s because of the fact that Mister Rieper has already checked out.


Yes, he likes so much reading those shitty books that he steal one to read after Craig’s death. 47 isn’t so good chosing good books :joy:


To everyone who has upgraded is it worth it? Just like to get everyone’s opinion before I splash out my hard earned 16 bucks.


Ye, plenty of content and two excellent new weapons


Thanks that’s brill just got back into playing hitman. Forgot how good it is .


It’s hard to explain without video but basically what you need to do is corner subdue someone on Rocco’s balcony while crouched in cover behind one of the corners. Either Renzo Forte on Landslide or the sleeping guy on The Author work for this (you could also do it with Rocco on World of Tomorrow, but since the mansion is open that’s kind of pointless).

Lure the person toward the corner where you’re hiding, and just before they get in corner subdue range you need to tap the opposite direction (so that 47 faces away from the corner) and corner subdue the person around halfway through the turn animation. This will usually glitch your location in some fashion, not always where you want to be though. When I did it on The Author I only got as far as the top of the railing on the balcony, but that was enough to drop onto the mansion grounds.

To get back in bounds, you need to get onto the observatory roof and find where the outdoor chimney should be. It won’t be there, and you can walk off the edge of the roof where it should be. Your goal is to land on the railing of the observatory and walk all the way around it, make a drop onto the railing along the cliffside, and then drop down the cliffside into the area with the Sanguine shop.

You can also get out of bounds on The Icon but you have to do it in a different way and there’s no known way back in bounds after that. You can access both the mansion and church areas on The Icon, but clutter blocks all the paths back onto the main part of the map and as yet I don’t think anyone’s found a reliable way to get on top of it and drop down.

Using the same technique on the edge of the Bangkok dock area, near the doors to the basement, can get you out of bounds on either map and into the riverbed. However, the riverbed is very unstable and there’s a high chance you’ll drop through the world. If you can get under the docks and to the beach safely you can run around there for a bit, and there’s a way to get back in bounds on the garden balcony nearest the corner, though it’s tricky. Same thing roughly on Paris I believe, but there’s nothing particularly interesting outside. It is also possible, though extremely difficult, to get into the prisoner’s room on Colorado. Can’t get out afterward though, as far as I know.


Version 1 ‘‘The Source’’ Suit Only/Sniper Assassin Challenge/Silent Assassin/5 Star Rating


Spent a lot of time on this, I had a lot I wanted to say that I couldn’t in a paragraph of text. check it out


They should charge half of what they are asking or do more with the levels. ie add contracts mode. I’ll wait until this goes on a PSN sale. I’m purely going on your review I haven’t bought it myself. I appreciate more content and that they want funding for Season 2 but just looks like the same old levels rehashed with a couple of twists.


The more I play this, the more pissed off I get as it becomes apparent it is nothing more than a shameless copy/paste effort for the cashgrab.

While I was happy to support IO and pay the $20, if it means more of this half-assed content is going to be released - I’ll pass. The lack of IO’s usual attention to detail is astounding.

Was just playing The Source andd discovered that Cult Security is just a copy/paste of Hotel Security. HS will still discuss that you’re disguised as one of them when your disguise is blown.