Patient Zero Campaign


My new kill everyone challenge in The Vector, I wanna see how fast you can do this.

Also this guy found a nice place to sunbathe on.


They should print that on the box.


Ooh, and that. The marketing campaign writes itself.


My new kill everyone challenge in The Vector, I wanna see how fast you can do this.

Your wish is my command.

The Vector - Kill All w/ All Bonuses Intact (1:37)

Longest 1:37 of my Hitman career for sure.


Haha, nicely done. :smiley: I bet this took pretty long to do, it surely can’t be very easy to do that fast. And the most annoying thing is Diana who doesn’t want to shut up about you killing non-targets.


My brutal cowboy crocodile dundee run on The Author :cowboy_hat_face:


The Author SA/SO with Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword


@MaKTaiL @Chillyschrimp @Goldgun Thanks to @Nakar for the exploration


My roleplay playthrought of The Source:


Just finished all the mission. Great but not worth the 20. Finished in just 2 days and no have no reason to go back to it. Tried all the ideas wanted to try and completed all the challenges (except slam dunk in the source)

Only one area is changed in each map. The rest of the map is sort I’ll the same. …


I think you’re forgetting 3 entirely new weapons, suits and escalations with new complications and mechanics comes with the GOTY bundle


YEh it’s a great DLC and i’m Glad that i’ve Helped IO t get some money for season 2 but If i think that few weeks ago I could buy The Witcher 3 GOTY with the same 20€ well it isn’t totally worth it but I still appreciate the DLC.


gg, I liked the no nonsense approach. Didn’t think you could attack from the front without being spotted.


I’m finally playing Patient Zero campain: i enjoyed both The Source and The Author (oddly, a bit more The Source) but the Colorado sniper mission is really boring.
Waiting to play the last mission later for a personal final conclusion.


The idea of Colorado mission is interesting but after a few replays this mission is just done, there is not the same variety like in other levels and so this mission not offer replay value.


Is boring and limited. Even the randomised targets are limited: on two playthroughs i still haved the gardner near the house (the one showed in the trailer) as target.


Patient Zero ‘‘The Vector’’ 4 Challenges completed in one playthrough:
Challenges: Brain Detail Complete
Challenges: Where is EveryBODY?
Challenges: Silent Assassin
Challenges: Environmentalist

No Instinct/No Slow-Mo used…


Another 4 Challenges In One Playthrough Complete for ‘‘The Vector’’

Challenge: The One That Almost Got Away
Challenge: Silent Assassin
Challenge: Quicker Than The Eye
Challenge: Unsafe Work Environment

No Instinct/No Slow-Mo Used…


The key is that you need to attack with a melee weapon in hand, bare-fisted frontal attacks will still negate SA.


Direct front attack still works with SA. Example :