Patient Zero Campaign


Man, it’s weird that the game still loads so many assets for what should be no reason at all.


I was expecting to see a lot of missing textures/assets, only thing I noticed missing was the structures in the cave.


The lights inside the mansion are deliberately set up to make it appear inhabited from a distance. A lot of assets have been stripped out too, probably just kept anything that was more of a pain to take out than it was worth.


This maybe off topic I don’t know but I have few questions about some of the challenges.
1- What’s the most reliable and consistent way to slam Dunk in the source. I’ve been trying for 2 days for hours to no avail. I watched youtube vids but I couldn’t do it. Is it all about luck or is there a precise way to do it?

2-In the vector Where’s EVERYBODY Challenge do I have for the right targets to make it? Because for some of them are no where near a bush like some of the guys in the garage or in the shooting range. So do I have to wait for the right random targets to make it happen?

That’s all.


It’s kinda dumb luck, to be honest. Some people have even got it just using the original Fire Extinguishers that are there.

Some people walk near a bush/ hay along a path. But don’t forget you use can shoot the ground or objects nearby to cause distractions to make them walk near the bush. The 4 bells in the map also help with that!


Slam Dunk is pretty luck dependant. Some people have said shooting the fire extinguishers she stands beside works fine.

Didnt work for me so I had to mess about with fire extinguishers, napoleon, and remote CX. Got it in the end after an hour of trial and error.

If she gets stuck in the underneath of the canopy, the challenge seems to pop. Maybe try and put her body directly underneath it, put enough explosives under her body, and hope the force will make her get stuck. ICA Space Program may help with this.


I removed one of the fire extinguishers. I found three was just too powerful and would sent her flying onto the roof the hotel every single time, then I placed a breaching charge between the FEs and the wall and detonated it. I had a bit of success in getting her in the right spot many times with this method too.


So I am disguised as Klaus now after I killed him. Does anyone know how to being Owen to the main surgery room? I want to inject the lethal syringe. Can I trigger it or does the real Klaus have to bring him?


You can bring it with you or open the safe in the room next to it (to the left I think). Picklock it or use the key that he drops.

I think he drops it. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Thanks but that’s not what I was asking :sweat_smile: I was wondering if I can bring the patient himself to the main surgery room because that’s where I have to inject him. He sits in a different room most of the time (next to the waiting room).

Anyway, I replayed the mission and waited for Klaus to call him in then took his disguise and injected him. I’ve done all the challenges except slam dunk. I can’t bother with the that one


Aha, I see. I get what you meant now. Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile:


My silent assassin playthrought of The Author:


The worst mission out of 4 & terribly designed! Still I managed to do it by Agent 47 only getting infected & Nobody else @ all…


Why did you think it was poorly designed?


The Vector: Unsafe Work Environment


What i hate about that Mission is the fact that you have to subdue this Nurse asap, before she can spread the Virus. Before that, you dont have time to Explore the Map.
People dislike Freedom Fighters because it has only one Exit, but that Shit is okay?

Edit: also i think the Targets are to close to each other, big parts of the map dont have any use.


That would be that shitty Colorado sniper mission


You can very easily subdue that nurse, or even easier, just kill the patient. And then you have all the time in the world to explore. And yes, that is much better than only having 1 forced exit.

3/4 of the targets in Colorado start in the house, all within a radius of 10 meter


Yes i know, but that doesnt bother me because i only use the default Starting Locations, i enjoy the Infiltration. When i reach the house they are distributed all over the Map.


Lol, and let me guess. The forced exit doesn’t bother you either because you enjoy infiltration and that tornado shelter exit is “immersive”.