Patient Zero Campaign


no, it doesnt bother me because i play the Hitman Series since almost 18 Years, and in 5 from 6 Games every Mission has only one Exit, so thats not a big deal.
Different Starts & Exits are a nice new Gimmick, but they arent really needed, at least for me.


I’ve giving my reasons before on this forum of the issues i’ve had with Hitman. Not going over that all again!


I don’t mind it just being a sniper only mission. Would have been cool to go around the map again…


There is other ways without the need to go near the nurse at all, but i get your point.


In my plays I had to addtionally subdue a guard (or doctor not sure) in the upper floor to not let her body be found on the stairs. Is there a good blind spot for her?


Just hide her to a closet im the room where the curator is in, he won’t see shit.


Ha the solution can be so easy :smiley: Thanks


Some guard-on-guard action, in case anyone’s into that. “Guard play,” you might call it.


Only now I realised that in The Vector you can snipe some bottles and plates, which will make the NPCs go to more secluded places to get new ones. That’s a neat new mechanic that hopefully appears in regular levels in Season 2.


That is also in Hitman Sniper


Wow, I only knew about the bottles.


Contains hilarious glitch with plate carrying . SA, lol


Lockpicks do work on those lockers, but Breaching Charges don’t. Note that to the best of my knowledge there is exactly one crowbar on Situs Inversus, in the little room beneath the helipad. That crowbar isn’t present on Patient Zero, so I presume you can’t unlock those at all without a lockpick unless a new crowbar was placed somewhere else.


Oh crap, I thought this was the Things You Just Found Out in Hitman thread.


One of the gardeners working on the tractor has a crowbar:


Did anyone find out what the bells in The Vector do when shot?


I used them. They are a distraction to make guards go where we can kill them and hide corpses


cool, I didn’t know if shooting them in a certain order did an easter egg or something


might sound strange but i have a theory that the target who infected himself isn’t Own Cage, maybe another target planted by Providence.


Finally played the campaign. 20 hours of entertainment. (Spooky) Sapienza is once again the highlight, loving the bell triggers and disguise options. Even the sniper mission is a nice change of pace. Hokkaido was a little bit annoying at first, but I found a great SA/SO method. The whole campaign felt like a prototype for Season 2 features. Can’t wait for more after the credit teaser.