Patient Zero Campaign


Yeah, i’am late, but here my SA in final mission)


Never felt this happy in months, 3rd place for a mission !!! (that’s not player made)
This was so satisfying to achieve, loved this mission
@fkgfw Credited you in the description


What makes you think that?


My playthrought of The Vector:


Finished it in less than 2 days and now have no reason to go back to it. Does anyone still play it? Definitely not worth the 20


Did you finish the escalations?


I liked your playthrough. Its like a finely tuned roleplay run.


Yeah finished everything within 2 days and I have 0 reason to go back to it now


Worth it for ET’s. Which I missed because I started late.


Aren’t those for everyone? You don’t need to buy the DLC to get them.


Correct. Just the location the ET is in is required to play the ET mission, i.e. Sapienza for the Congressman.


I always thought there’s no way everyone’s first blind run would be Silent Assassin in Patient Zero but look like I’m dead wrong.


I’ve always been suspecting that Andy knows these missions pretty well beforehands, especially now when he got SA in every PZ mission except The Vector which they did differently. :smiley: It just looks like this isn’t his first time playing, despite what he might say there.


Well, some comments said that Andy is really lucky to subdue the first guard because when he is infected by the nurse, he will infect the virus to the two other guards which will spread the virus further.

Still, I don’t know.


Andy, being a big fan of the franchise and HITMAN, has definitely played this level before (or at least watched videos). Mike, who’s clearly never played PZ before, has the right idea in killing both targets when they’re together, but isn’t aware of the Incineration process. Andy is clearly aware of it, and his poor acting gives him away.

That being said, I absolutely love OutsideXBOX and found them through their Hitman playthroughs!


In Patient Zero, what is the total amount of possible infected targets? (Including Jeff and the NPCs that wear the hazmat suits, if you take them out of it.)

I got 137 and was on the map for a good hour and couldn’t find anymore than that, but it’s possible I could have missed some.

Anyone know the max?


I ended up liking that mechanic far more than I thought.

Almost made me cry.

When Diana come on the radio and said something like “given these extraordinary events the board has to decided to…”

I don’t even remember the rest but I remember the feeling of a thousand little weights sliding off my shoulders as I openly brandished my striker and started blowing targets away.


I am planning a run where I bring a silent smg and just lay in the bed as the infection number rises.



The Dexter Discordance Level 1 SA (33s)

Turns out the best way to retrieve the Striker is to bring the damn Striker Kappa, score on the leaderboards is higher because I didn’t get a stutter-step when I did it on stream but whatever, git rkt kiniu hueheuh.


Finally my last playthrought of the Patient Zero campaign is up. God this one was a fucking hell to record :sweat:


Sorry if it’s been discussed, tried the search, but didn’t find anything.

Did they add dialogue to regular Hokkaido that refers to Patient Zero? I just did the featured contract that has you take out a bunch of surgeons and overheard one doctor (outside the OP) saying something along the lines of “Did you hear they’re planning to set up an isolation ward? Bringing some infected person here. I’ve seen enough movies to know how that ends.”

Or was that always around and I just didn’t hear it till now?