Patient zero sequel

So I’ve just replayed the patient zero campaign and I realized that in the final cutscene it is implied that the virus was not only the deed of the Cult hinting that there might be someone else someone powerful behind the plot. Any thoughts on how or if they might do a sequel or a follow up mission ? Maybe this is what the 2 new maps are made for ? What do do you guys think ?


I would like some closure to a few questions I had throughout that campaign, I’ll admit.

The new maps (or at least the bank) are said to be continuing on the main hitman campaign and the sniper assassin missions are general hits with little relation to a grander story. I don’t think Patient Zero will be returning sorry


It was a mysterious plot, so it deserved a mysterious ending. The best thing IOI could do is not continue on it, so the fanbase can keep on speculating for ever.


While I see where you’re coming from, screw that. Give me more, and give me answers with that more.

I’d prefer a new campaign with a different plot, without virus. Maybe IOI could put in the same timeline, to explain who are the corpse in the room in the last cutscene and the target 47 is talking about


Don’t you know? That’s The Resort :slight_smile:



That would be sick. Haha.

About that


It might be possible however. It’s obviously the apartment in Sapienza, but the different looking balcony and the amount of palm trees could suggest it’s a resort?

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The game will never tell us if it is or isn’t, because they’re separate campaigns, so Providence wasn’t mentioned in the Patient Zero cutscene, and Patient Zero won’t be mentioned in the (presumably) Providence-based mission at The Resort. It will be up to our imaginaaaations :rainbow::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


I think the corpse and the target are just a random contract that 47 was taking care of I don’t think it has any links at all with the patient zero story it was just for the vibes.


Yes but it seems like they were foreshadowing something I don’t think they just leave it as it is, the cutscene is pointless then. No I don’t believe that.

Yes I agree Proviedence is for the main campaign and stuff but maybe they are trying to make to separete stories and now that they continued with the main one they are now continuing with the small one. PLUS I don’t think its official that the 2 new maps will continue the providence story I might Be wrong but I think they keep that for HITMAN 3. Tell me If IO has ever said it would in a IO monthly 'cause I didnt watch it

Unless they’ve misled us, we were given a snippet of Lucas Grey’s voice for the Bank Mission at the end of last stream, and Lucas Grey is only a part of the Providence story considering he does not work for ICA.

I just don’t like this 47 going rogue again like absolution I just like when he is doing his job and thats it. Like when he only is a tool in the story. It again getting too personnal and he will endup going after the ICA or The ICA going after him. This is why I don’t want it to be in the providence storyline. I just want the good old contracts to be back, like revenge or buisness assassinations or witness terminations.


I agree, I want a break from the Providence story, I think a bonus location should be that: bonus, not a part of the main story


It’s a… bonus part of the main mission, I guess?

Yeah well I hope not


Must make it awkward when Grey, Hall, Diana and 47 order a pizza. I mean, Grey is technically unemployed…