Patient zero sequel

Hall also is. But yeah I get your point, Diana be like “No buisness talk at the table 47 go wash your hands”

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No more viruses, please!
The Hokkaido mission kinda forced you to speedrun if you did not want to deal with a million targets.

I do not mind an extra objective, not even a timed one, but when the targets start multiplying I find that annoying.


Not sure I agree with this. I really, REALLY want to see a continuation and I’m hoping that the bonus missions might have something to do with the Patient Zero campaign. I want to know who that target that 47 spotted at the end is.

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I would be confident in saying it’s not a target… they’re in a black suit, have a pistol, and a walkie talkie… it’s a guard.

But who knows, maybe they’ll do a sequel campaign AFTER the expansion content is out, to give us something new in 2020

Patient Zero - I actually enjoyed it way more than I should of done? pretty sure it took some stick but I always thought it was a good little pack.

In terms of a sequel I heavily doubt it, but never say never. Definitely not this year that’s for sure, but it could work the same way as it did in 2016 with the GOTY edition being added.

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I think we wouldn’t need a Patient Zero Sequel since its story was self-contained along with a good little side story/bridge between Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. As for a new campaign for a sort of GOTY I’d much like to just see 3/4 new missions in existing levels with new set pieces. I’d love to see Miami in the evening but they utilize the street portion that was on the other side of the map, Mumbai at night (with a actual completed tower), Whittleton Creek at night (some houses have interiors but are inaccessible).

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Diana probably likes pineapple on her pizza though in which case she can shut the fuck up.

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I would’ve preferred it, if there was some ambiguous ending that implied someone helped the cult creating the virus. Feels like an unnecessary tease that’s going to lead nowhere.

And if it turns out that Providence was behind this, I’m going to be really disappointed. They’re all about business and control. A crazy cult willing to cause a global pandemic is the opposite of that.

Thats exactly what I’m thinking, they wouldnt have put that without any purpose and yet it is clearly said that diana is looking into it and 47 says thats gonna be more work for him. So whats the point if they don’t go further with that ?

Good point. IO would never leave something unresolved. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






“Preferably in the back”.

47 knows.

Yeah well can’t blame them for absolution right ? Since they got the heat for the story in the first place. And I like to think that this guy in Silent Assassin is the constant, even though he says he met 47 and the constant looks surprised in Isle of Sgail when we threaten him to blow is head off

Then what about Blood Money? :yum: 47 at the end it seemed he broke up with the ICA and started working for a certain Chinese gentleman.
Nevertheless, it was forgotten and in the following games he continues to work in ICA without explanation.

I thought it was heavily implied that 47 was going to kill said Chinese guy.


No I think it was just a way to show us he is still in the buisness in spite of what he just went through nt, and I like to think he is there to purchase something like guns or explosives or to meet a client since he would be freelance after the ICA’s fall. I don’t know and I never saw this as something relevant to the series

Man I just wanna know who Mr X is, I pray there will be a hint to him in hitman 3

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But Diana clearly said that she had lost track. I saw it this way: Diana deceived trust 47 (yes, she had the best intentions, but she deceived him) because of that he decided not to get in touch with her by finding another employer. I always thought that 47 just wanted to offer the services of a hitman to the Chinese master. He does not act as if he came to perform a hit.

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Exactly what I’m saying, maybe here to meet a client or to purchase but he is definitely not here to schwack someone