Patient Zero

A year old already, and for almost all of that time I have still been unable to access Patient Zero via H2.
I have the Hitman Definitive Edition & Hitman2 Gold, though there are some days when you system won’t let me passed Hawkes Bay.
Hopefully it may be sorted by H2’s second birthday.

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You should not wait for patches with such an issue, it usually is something that needs individual handling.

Which platform are you on?

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Still have problems on Xbox One, never had problems on my PC version.

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I have had very similar problems on xbox as well. However a bit different…

For me, i have game pass; my first Hitman on xbox one was 2016 but installed 2018 free via the game pass; the product I installed: “Hitman: The Complete First Season.” which is the entire first season except the dlc like Patient Zero… but allowing purchase and use of other dlc (and thus authorization for the corresponding dlc (meaning purchasing an expansion for Hitman 1 would allow me access to the expansion content specifically… (as normal but … (i will come back to that…)

So what Game Pass (Microsoft) doesnt exactly make clearly known (even to their own support team as i found out from this) is that if/when a title you have installed via your game pass subscription, but is taken off of Game Pass’ list for w/e reason (never told why), you lose your license for the game until it is back on the pass (at which time i had to reinstall it even though i never removed it… ugh) or the game and missions are purchased. Heres where it gets problematic for some reason, for us xbox guys who have also done the same… The BASE GAME was installed via the complete 1st season but (i can only assume this is what happened) when it was taken off of Game Pass (for less than one month too i should add) i lost the license but could still access the base game just not its content other than the expansion content which i paid for. I assume my game became corrupt when I loaded the expansion up after the whole season was revoked on the pass. At first it made sense what happened (aside from how i dont think i should have been able to even load the game beyond the login page when the license (also id assume) to be removed with the pass; thats what id think as a 30 yr old gamer lol but instead the game is accessible but its gameplay is not without the license).

The thing is, while ut was on game pass, i purchased dlc including the expansion and a few other dlc products (i cant recall which ones were free at the time now) but none would work correctly after i installed the Complete 1st Season for the 2nd time after it returned to the pass. Some content which i definitely should have had access to; didn’t, and would change seemingly randomly when reinstalling the individual DLCs. THEN the same thing basically happened but because of my SSD (i think that time was moreso my error though… idk bc it suddenly started working fine when i purchased Hitman 2. But prior to purchasing it, i had been playing the free version that included Hawks Bay… which also was affected somehow but soon after fixed itself i guess… (needless to say as soon as HB was accessible again i didnt waste any time 100%ing the mission to ensure i had it completed on my account). Btw this entire time i was under the impression (due to how badly all the hitman products are advertised on Xbox Store omg!) the content like weapons items and suits that i had unlocked in the 2016 copy would transfer to H2 with having synced my email. I still dobt really understand what happened with the transition but WOW the exact functions of legacy was so confusing, its best explanation i found on a 3rd party site.

In the end i had grinded 98% of available content from S1 prior to H2 under that assumption only to be wrong and ended up redoing it all in Hitman 2 (still salty about too. I wont do Season 3 if progress made thus far doesnt carry over. Omfg i may quit gaming altogether if that turns out the case, since i am boycotting multiplayer-focused titles for obvious reasons)