PC Contract: Ladykiller Extraordinaire

First off, this one is not for the feint of heart. It’s a SA/SO contract designed to be hard. No real cheesy mechanics, instead you’ll need some extreme wit to clear this one. While some of the targets may not seem too challenging at a first glance, each one offers their own challenge with the extra objectives in mind. I think it’s a great challenge for any hardcore contract killer. Do keep in mind a certain individual who may potentially die and screw up your SA/SO rating. There’s a way to save their life. That’s my only hint. I completed it myself, to prove in the rankings that SA/SO is indeed possible. Though I had some poor RNG in the run and my time could probably be halved.
Contract ID: 1-26-5117267-56

There is a dedicated topic for submitting contracts…


Thanks. Had it been stickied it would have been easier to find, as it was probably a few pages down when I posted this. Though this post exists now. If someone with moderator privileges wants to copy the contents to that thread and delete this post, be my guest. If not, this works, too. On a side note. That page-less system is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen on a forum. Especially on a thread as long as that one. Don’t know what they were thinking when they implemented this.

Yeah but people are way less likely to play it

It’s a platform called discourse. It should be fine for long posts and you can always skip to any point in the thread. If you’re on PC there’s a slider on the right hand side, if you’re on mobile click the “4/4” (or whatever numbers) on the bottom-right and drag the slider wherever you want.

It’s a good system and better than a page system

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Both have its privileges (and disadvantages), I wouldn’t name one better or worse than other.
It’s just different

I respectfully disagree, but everyone’s entitled to an opinion


At the top you can click on ‘Categories’ and it will sort the different Topic types by game, etc. It’s not the default, but…

I can understand how someone new around here might not be familiar with this style when so many other forums have separate categories for different (whatever) in their main index.

With this forum, everything new pushes all the old stuff down deeper and deeper into the void to be forever forgotten. :laughing:


… it can be set default in Preferences :arrow_right: Interface

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Definitely good to know this. Still not a fan personally but I suppose it’s manageable.