[PC Guide] Ansel Unlock

I finally learned how to unlock Ansel in HITMAN and want to share this simple way with all of you.
Credits for the text to replace goes to @Urben and @Notex , thanks for this.

First and main thing:
You have to own NVIDIA graphics card that supports Ansel for this to work.
If you have graphics card of other vendor or your card does not support Ansel, this guide will not work for you

Let’s go

  1. Find, download and install any HEX editor.
    In this guide I will show how to unlock Ansel in Hex Editor Neo, but you may use any editor you want.

  2. After installing HEX editor open it.

  3. In the main window find the Open button

  4. Push that Open button and window will appear.

    In that window follow the path to where your game is installed.
    Highlithed part of the path in the pic will be different for you, but all the rest will be the same if you use DX12:
    If you use DX11 the path will be:
    but you know, I recommend to edit both files, no harm will be done

  5. Find HITMAN2.exe file and click OK (or Open) as shown on a pic above

  6. This file will be opened and you will see a lot of numbers there

  7. In the upper menu of the program click Edit and there find an option Find…
    Or just apply a key combination Ctrl+F

  8. A window will open
    In this window firstly select Hex in highlithed drop-down list

  9. Manually type 83 F8 0F 75 1C 0F 54 as shown on a pic

  10. After you click Find button it should jump you to needed area

  11. Should be highlighed with green the first digit - 83.
    Further in this row find 75 and click once on it, it should be highlighted now as shown on a pic above.

  12. Replace this highlighted number with EB by just typing on your keyboard
    It may type in a lower case, don’t worry, it will still work

  13. After replacing is done, save the file

  14. After clicking Save button the window will appear
    Confirm saving by clicking Yes

  15. That’s all. Hex editor can be closed.
    If you did everything correctly from now on you can use Ansel in free camera mode and fly over all the map wherever you want

You may need to do all this again to unlock Ansel again after each game update.

Hope I described everything more than clear, so no questions should left.
But if you still have any questions, feel free to post them here.

Welcome to the free Ansel camera mode!


@Notex found the Hex values first so that credit goes to him. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like credit should be going to PascalTheAnalyst from Reddit.

Edit: You can remove my credit since I didn’t find out how to do this.