[PC Guide] How to delete HITMAN save files from Steam Cloud


For those who want delete HITMAN save files from Steam Cloud for whatever reason, I made this quite simple guide how to do it.
Note: Deleting save files following this guide will fully delete all your chosen data from synchronization cloud

Let’s go:

  1. Go to Steam settings and disable Steam cloud synchronization

  2. Delete desired save files from PC folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata<your Steam user ID>\863550\remote
    (for example here I’ll be deleting the second manual save)

  3. Run the game and delete corrupted save files
    (just click on each corrupted save and error window should appear, confirm deleting)

  4. Quit the game

  5. Go to Steam settings and enable Steam cloud synchronization

  6. Launch the game

  7. Cloud Sync Conflict window should appear, choose ‘Upload to the Steam Cloud’

  8. That’s it. Play the game normally

Ifyou find this guide unacceptable here, feel free to flag it for deleting


Great tutorial thanks dude! :+1: