PC Leaderboards. IO Can You Please Ban Cheaters Already?


I have gone out of my way to show various IO employees the cheats that Kiniu has been using the entire time he’s been tainting the leaderboards, and have been ignored every single time.

He has gone from using various combinations of Lingon and MrAntiFun trainers to run through the map invisible with slow motion. Now he has discovered the Team Sprut method. Which involves using the free cam mod to fly the gun all over the map with the timer stopped.

This is currently the pc leaderboard for Paris.

Kiniu has 5s. Sprut has 4.

How silly do the scores have to become for someone at IO to realize their servers are accepting times that are not possible by conventional means (we’ve had cheaters topping the lbs since the game came out)

I know nothing about the design of the game, but I would assume the trainers are just setting variables in memory. Such as invisibility, slow time etc. The trainers are just changing variables. Not re-inventing the wheel or injecting game code.



heh how fitting…


Totally agree with you, this is totally out of control! You NEVER know if you got a rekky or not, since there are so Maaany not legit times, especially in the main missions.
I remember this time when BigBadWolf commented on @mendietinha’s video… ASSHOLE!! How does he have the guts to come to our (the legit players) videos? they need to be banned! And with teleporting this is way out of control…


This shouldn’t be an issue at this point, specially when you consider that the leaderboards were whiped many times (including hard earned legit scores) and even implemented that thing where you have to wait 2.5 seconds after making a kill that isn’t an accident in order for the game to not penalize you with noticed kills.


It was harder before because the cheaters at least sort of pretended to get legit times (and the requirement to run around the level shooting meant it always took some amount of time), but at this point it should be blatantly obvious when people are posting times that are impossible. One of the featureds right now has SPRUT at 14s for a contract that you can barely reach the first target on within 14s, let alone start the map, kill five targets undetected, and leave. While speedrunners have times that make you go “Whoa, is that possible?” these new times are blatantly unattainable in a way that is obvious to even novices. I’ve been in streams, people can tell.

Surely some amount of leaderboard comparison can be done for suspect PC times that are way out of line with the top times on consoles. If nothing else this comparison can be run for Featured Contracts, which IOI has data for across all platforms, and Featureds are the most prominent leaderboards and the ones that should be subject to the most scrutiny. The contract I mentioned has legit record times around 40-45s across at least two platforms that I know of, so it should be obvious that PC players like fkgfw who are in that range are within the legit attainable times for the contract while people like KiNiU cannot possibly be.

Granted, I understand it’s difficult to be sure of some of these things because new routes are discovered all the time, but <20 seconds for a contract that isn’t deliberately structured to be possible that fast is obviously aided by cheats. Plus, like, the speedrunning community in this game is pretty tight. Could just ask us if anybody suspect seems legit, or if we’ve ever seen the person’s videos or heard of them before. If somebody is posting >30s improvements over people like mendie and Forthe and so forth on a consistent basis, you’d think those guys would be interested in finding out how. And they have figured out how, obviously; CJ knows exactly how these times are attained and has proved it repeatedly.


It is not telporting. It is literally the gun flying across the map as if it has wings.


They absolutely must do something about this. I don’t expect any real changes to the game before season 2, but making sure that season 2 has clean leaderboards should be a top priority. Cheaters are an obvious problem and as long as IOI do nothing about them there might as well not be leaderboards.


Cheaters should be banned from the leaderboards, but it hope the game code isn’t touched. I like freecam too damn much, allows you to take some kickass screenshots.


at this point even new players realise that they cheat. so everybody knows and laugh at those poor losers.

too bad IOI has done nothing since march 16… legit lb would be really fun. wouldnt avoid the blantant copycats bastards, those are irrelevant to the community anyway, but the cheaters.are a bad influence and the complete lack of interess on the subject concernes me.


IOI has stopped to develop&fix season 1 anymore. do not expect anything


We have pointed this out numerous times to guys from IO the last 18 months. At 1 or 2 occassions they said they would look into it, but that it was hard for some unknown reason. Never heard anything about it since.



you are better than kiniu mate don’t worry, i know you


Wether they are working on Season 1 or not shouldn’t matter or even be an excuse at all. These guys encourage others to cheat because they have been doing this for a long time already without getting punished, even in indie games the developers react faster with cheaters than in HITMAN.
Don’t get me wrong, I like to find my way to beat a cheater in a contract, but it is still annoying that if you want to work out in a contract to get that first place you have to assume you’ll be third AT LEAST as you know KINIU and SPRUT exist, ruins good competition between legit players.


hitman 2016 is a mess. even developers know that.
so they won’t do anything on this game.
they are focused on season 2 which their last chance with hitman IP


I agree but how the backend can knows that time is legit or not ? In your example, this is obvious of course, Paris can’t be completed in a few seconds but it is not possible to calculate dynamically the minimum time required for all missions, ET, featured contracts and escalations. there are too many possibilities and that’s why we love this game.

@mendietinha’s ET#25 10 seconds run could be rejected with an anti cheat time-based system.

Maybe IOI does not give time to @ioi_christianco and his team to prevent abusive trainer usage and they focus on the season 2 :thinking:


Featured Contracts should be easy to spot on by them, unless they don’t try/play the contracts they choose, ET’s are designed by them so they should know more or less how fast you can complete the mission, as well as Escalations.

For cases like ET 25 I would understand being hard but for the vast majority of the rest they should know 100% if the time is legit or not.


The best way would be to have a ban time button, we players know better then them if a time is possible or not


All you have said is based on human assumptions and community knowledge but the scoring system is an automated calculation of reasoning tasks, even with the best scoring implementation cannot predict the minimum time for all missions at 100%.

IOI can add manually an individual per-mission minimum time but is it really viable ? Knowing that some runs by some speedrunners are hardly imaginable without several days of research and testing.


If trainers are setting variables in memory, these variables can be checked for. It wouldn’t need complex logic.

Did this run go invisible? Yes? No submission to the lb.
Did this run modify weapon damage? Yes. No lb.
Did this run modify game speed? Yes. No lb.

The cheats are turned on an off. Check to see if they were used. There is the definitive answer without anybody having to manually review anything or having to guess.


I feel for you @cjgarof and all other PCers who like to chase leaderboards. Cheaters suck and it’s frustrating as hell. But I’m guessing IO views actions against it are futile.

Would they have to reset the entire leaderboard for each? This would piss off a lot of legit players and the cheaters would just do it again.

Is it possible to just erase the obvious scores? Might be complicated, possibly impossible. But the cheaters would just do it again and becomes a never ending battle that’s not worth the time and expense.

Can they block the cheaters from playing the game. No idea. If they can, are there easy ways for the cheaters to get around it? No idea but I’m guessing yes.

So while we WANT IO to fix it, is there really a course of action they can take to do so that’s not time/cost/backlash prohibitive? If there’s not a reasonable solution, then the anger needs to be taken off IO and placed back on the schmucks who are ruining them for no purpose.