PC Leaderboards. IO Can You Please Ban Cheaters Already?


Completely agree, IOI should at least try to detect trainers to make the situation a bit better. But it also depends on the motivation and knowledge of Lingon and MrAntiFun, maybe they could give up very quickly with a such anti cheat system but in all cases, IOI can’t ultimately win because they can’t control the client part.

Trainers guys can recover variables default values before submission of the score to the backend. In this case, IOI must monitor in real time the value of all these variables with all that it implies in development terms.


many games have replay system. also, game knows when a cheat is injected. what we see right now is few clowns making fool of themselves with 4 secs runs on paris and ioi aplauding.

if the cost of implement an anti cheat thing is wipe lb, lets do it NOW! we are real players,all of our runs are registered on video.

we all have our limits, and i hope they do something about before even more top players lose interest on speedrunning and exploration, showing off the fun you can have with the game. this includes terrible patches decisions and nerfed featureds.


With the exception turning invisibility back off before level end in most cases would allow npcs to find the bodies they shot in plain sight immediately.

The guys who code the trainers are not actually coding anything besides memory addresses and means to manipulate them. This stuff is already in the game. They’re just turning it on and off at will.


I didn’t know that… are you sure ?


Wouldn’t it be funny if Sprut is @ioi_christianco and kiniu is @Travis_IOI incognito? That’s why they don’t get banned. Lmao.


Semi off topic, but just posting this here.

Nah, they’re not, they removed those a long long time ago.


They removed Denuvo.

Paris lb is 4s and that entry got submitted YESTERDAY. The means still exist.


Yes, they did remove denuvo, but they removed the development debug memory points long ago even before that. You don’t need to edit the memory to test that as well.

Who ever is coding the trainer is doing it somehow else, not by using pre-existing debug code memory points.

EDIT: Added a few words.


Pre-existing points in what regard? on the map? what are you talking about.

Trainers stop working when game gets patched. The guys who code them update the new memory addresses, and they work again.


Sorry to dilute and offtrack the thread, when I get around to it, i’ll make a video and PM you or something.

Easier to explain that way.


Even if we assume that for whatever reason they can’t track this stuff in-engine (I doubt that, but let’s say for the sake of argument), doesn’t a pattern of behavior establish whether a person is legit or not? KiNiU’s cheating is blatant and obvious and this is clear from not just one or two leaderboards but hundreds of them for hundreds of contracts and main missions. After such a pattern, would it be that hard to filter a particular account out of appearing on leaderboards? Make it so they can see their own time on the leaderboard but nobody else can so they don’t even know when they’ve been banned.

Even if they can’t/won’t check memory addresses surely it’s suspicious when one person beats every known player on every contract by seemingly impossible times and if you have that pattern of behavior you could do something about individual accounts. Sure, they might have other accounts, but it’s a start. There’s no reason KiNiU’s account should still be visible on any leaderboard. Don’t have to wipe LBs, just develop a filter that excludes known cheaters’ times from appearing in the list.


@640509_0401_47 Hey look who came back from the dead just in time.


Ah yes. The Man in the High Castle, right? I would’ve been at the top of that leaderboard for a little while if it wasn’t for the 14s time. :confused:


“I never left” - I look here often with hope for season 2 release/info. I sometimes check speedrun topic. Btw Last Introvert record was amazing.

I agree with you that cheaters like Kiniu should be punished and I hope that IO will be able to find some solution.


I’ll just leave this here. A cheater, cheating while he cheats.


What a Fucking asshole!! That fucker has the guts to upload it?? (this was edited, and I removed half of the swearing)


he’s an asshole, but everyone in the speedrun community can immediately tell who is legit and who is not so it should be easy to exclude the cheaters in your head


Dumbass still wasted a lot of time by using scrambler, lockpick instead of BC and taking long route through the restaurant.


Most cheaters are not actually any good at the game. You can get pretty sloppy when none of the NPCs will react to anything you do, or when you can just fly around in freecam and shoot anybody you want.


If they were any decent at the game they wouldn’t cheat to begin with