PC Leaderboards. IO Can You Please Ban Cheaters Already?


What he means is that this has nothing to do with QA features. The way these work is simply by finding the memory addresses in the game that control things like the camera, whether you are detected or not, etc. You can’t remove them because the game uses those addresses for those features themselves.


If IOI can have a look at this without impacting any work on bringing Season 2 to us ASAP then I’m all for this. However, personally (and I appreciate that alternative opinions are available), I literally couldn’t care less about the leaderboards so if investigating/fixing this causes any delays at all to future content then I’d prefer IOI to let the leaderboards stay broken and get cracking on something else instead.


Every hitman game prior to absolution shipped with cheats out of box (with in game menus too.) Gamespeed does not sound like it should be a variable that would be able to be manipulated. Coincidence that the prior games that did have cheats also had the ability to toggle game speed? And invisibility? They’ve been in the design scheme already. I said ‘IF they are still… they shouldn’t be.’

Bullet damage is prob a numeric variable. Detection maybe a variable that can allow for differences between difficulty modes. I didn’t say free cam in that respect. I said the trainers.

Free cam is not the problem. Invisibility/ no detection is. Without that one, none of this shit would work at all.

Even so, I will rephrase the intent and purpose of the topic:

Dear IO. The leaderboards have been fucked the entire time. Even more so now with the combination of the free cam mod and trainers. Please look into it.


As a Worms Armageddon player (just casual these days) I can say how much I love a completely deterministic physics engines. A server only has to log the inputs and run it internally again. If it throws out the same score, the run is legit. Sadly, I dont think this is possible with Hitman. Maybe if the random things like headturning are pseudo-random by a seed, making it for such a system deterministic but keeping it random for the player .

A way more easy solution would be the possibility to ignore certain usernames in the leaderboards. But I find this is way too cheap for such a problem.


While you’re looking at it, IOI, if you could remove that retarded aimbot you added to the console versions, that would be great.


They had time to mess around with 47’s HP, and to change the training missions, just to name 2 absurd things that are not important in any way. Banning cheaters is.

Disagree, i rather have them come up with a solution before S2 hits the shelf, else it’s just the same shit all over again


Nooo, this is so cool, i can aim like @cjgarof with my xbox pad… the last version if far better than the original one, otherwise it looks like 47 is retarded when he aims a NPC :confused:

I can’t do this with my pad without auto aim :


That’s precisely what’s wrong with it.


Lol, did they seriously put an aimbot for console players? Must be joking right?
And there are people who actually think that’s a good thing? Lol


I don’t see the problem, IOI lets console players have a better accuracy with a firearm, and it’s not OP because to aim like this it is necessary to have the center of the sight in a central radius close to the sighting point.


Tis no joke my friend. But look on the bright side, we can actually shoot the things we’re aiming at instead of veering over to lock on to somebody’s head instead of a camera or leg. :rofl:


It doesn’t affect me personally, just think it’s lame and shit. And i suspect that the actual good console aimers like Hatch hate this.

Problem is that they took away the skill in shooting. And yes mouse is better, that didn’t stop cjfresh from having an incredible aim. Same applies to @JDMHatch_G now.

Those guys put in time and practise to get good with the aiming. And now any noob can aim like a pro. That is just shit


Yeah, they did. Watch Hardware’s video and you’ll see how ridiculous it is.

I’m sorry but when a computer assist allows noobs to do something better than CJ does it. It’s a problem.

What’s the point of even spending time getting good at something? only to have an ‘assist’ (and I use that term lightly, because it’s not an assist, it’s an aimbot) patched in?

That is not true at all. That is how it used to work. Now you can be aiming nowhere near your target and you’ll still hit them. I have watch Munga getting headshots on people from 200 yards away with his eyes closed for fucks sake. It’s OP, and it should be removed in my humble opinion.

IO have absolutely no idea how to balance a game what-so-ever.

I’ll just leave this here too.


This was after I submitted a run to speedrun.com

yes, that’s right, I wasted time by aiming apparently lul

Ladies, if you insist on using aimbots, or cheats, don’t submit competitive runs. It’s pathetic.


Just saw it, and i absolutely agree.

Will never understand people that are actually fine with this, or even worse use it to beat a run (WHICH THEY COPIED) solely by slightly faster aimbot aim.

That is just really, really, really sad. Should be ashamed


I maintain that it is not OP because, even with this system, a console player can’t aim as quickly as a good pc player a camera, an object or a leg, it’s work only with a NPC head or body and it still requires some precision to hit the head. As @Nakar stated, it can even be flawed in a lot of situations.

It’s just a tool to have a better accuracy for a limited number of situations.


I feel the same when NOOBS ask for headturning and visioncones to be reduced. The hypocrisy is thick. :rofl::rofl:


No hypocrisy at all. But i know you’re just joking hue


You shouldn’t compare to PC players in the first place. Hence why there are seperate leaderboards.

No, the issue is vs other console players, players like @JDMHatch_G who put in alot of time and effort to get really, really good with aiming. It’s completely unfair and highly demotivating for them to suddenly add an aimbot so that every noob can aim like a pro.

Like i said, it does not affect me personally, but they should really remove that aimbot. @Travis_IOI buddy


And the NPC aiming is one thing among so many others to make a good run, you summarize what cj does to its aim. Even with the best aimbot, a noob can’t make a good run. It requires a lot of training and a good knowledge of the mechanisms to get as the same level as a very good speedrunners like @GuLe or @Fortheseven.

in any case, it is not comparable with cheat or trainer usage, no worries guys, lol :laughing:


I personally strongly dislike the aimbot. I love lining up the perfect headshot, the tension that comes when you have a small interval for the kill or legshot. Too often now do I snap for a headshot when I wan to to destroy a camera or legshot someone. Pls fix IO