PC Leaderboards. IO Can You Please Ban Cheaters Already?


Turning aim assist and all that other stuff off doesn’t get rid of this?


Gamespeed is hilariously easy to manipulate in just about every single game ever made outside of games running solely in online servers. Cheat engine has a native option built in that does it.


Regarding the aimbotting introduced in the final patches, i think it hurts a lot more the runs than it helps. It’s really fucking annoying how it keeps snapping to people that are not my intended targets or stop me aiming for objects or the ground because someone is near. The autoaim is basically useless in most cases.
IOI never reached a decent balance with this tbh. Their previous aim assist was also broken, and it often switched my aim negatively. As in, my natural movement would line-up with the target’s head, but the aim assist moved it to the chest.


PC has running with instinct, simply press NOT TIME AND HOLD to equip/disguise and aiming with mouse. (All severe timesavers btw)
But AimBot is OP?
Don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s not perfect by a longshot. In every video you see it used, is the one in which everything went perfect. So it looks godly OP.

Just like any other pro’s or even casuals video for that matter.

How about the times it fucks you up and you get crime noticed, or heck you clearly shoot the head but it goes through and/or you hit another farther target and you have to restart. Nobody talks about that…of course not :wink:

When it comes to the Console leaderboard however. Anything goes regarding the settings. AIMBOT/map/instinct and all … It’s like saying “Players are not allowed to play with/without instinct”, or “You must not use the map”. Get out with this nonsense.

tl;dr Console aimbot/leaderboard rant, Play it how you want regardless of competing since the game options clearly give you these choices. Don’t complain about how others should or shouldn’t play.


But it’s just a game. Sure, someone can put in a lot of time to get good at it, but it’s just a piece of entertainment. The leaderboards only mean as much as you want them to.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But… my aim is bad.


Know what’s hilarious too? These don’t use cheat engine. Also hilarious… the trainers are manipulating in game variable for everything else. But they are going the extra mile to manipulate game speed? K. SeemsGood


It´s defently not only OP it´s fucking anoying! I aim on a camera make a snap shot and hit the guy near the camera instead of the camera cause of this AIMBOT. Before it was perfect (an assistant) and still needed skills. Totally agree with hatch.
I GOT 52 POG Champ But used your strategy …:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::rage:


Are you kidding? The way some folk on this forum go on, your leaderboard position directly determines the length and girth of your penis!


They don’t need to use cheatengine, i’m just telling you that gamespeed is very easy to manipulate in just about every non-online game.


There’s autoaim on PC too if you use a controller. There’s probably a contract or two out there where it’s optimal to play almost entirely with K+M but get a buddy to hold the controller to make quick headshots when you need them.


What if every time you complete a contract/mission a viewable demo of how it was done could be shown so we can know if it’s legit or not?


They do not track enough data for something like that.


And even if they had something like that in place I don’t think they would have the manpower to review every submission.


Can we at least turn off the aimbot?


I was pretty certain that I did and I don’t feel any snap aim. And I have for sure missed plenty of close shots and blown it on bad aim.


Is this just a PC thing? Are the console leaderboards legit?


Since there is no PS4/XOne cheats, yes.


Good to know that there are highscores, I think every score over 200.000, are earned via cheating.


Of course not
Some contracts could legit be done in 5 seconds