PC or Console?

I’m surprised there’s no existing thread about this.

This topic is mainly created to continue the discussion from another thread without derailing it.

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well :thinking: consoles are usually a safer buy, i guess. with PCs you have more chance of it being built badly or having weird parts.
that being said, PCs are more customizable, so it has that edge over consoles.


I exclusively play on a toaster in my bathtub, & have some yellow ducks for props. 47 approved method. You got nothing on me.


i only keep a PC around to play Codename 47 and other classic games that sadly never got released anywhere else, like Blood, Broken Sword, Commandos and Stuff.

Otherwise I’m a Console Gamer.


I’ve always stuck with consoles because of the reliability. I’ve found in the past and from friends’ experiences that PC’s just lack longevity.


You’re wrong.
You can easily stick to one and the same system for years. Even if you’re avid gamer you can buy a PC and avoid further expenses for five or even more years.
I have been running my first ever PC for about 10 years. Of course I couldn’t play modern games without lags, but still, I could launch them and play


PC because I use it for much more than just playing games. I also couldn’t imagine myself playing any games where you have to aim with a gun using a controller.


I play both, console for most AAA games and exclusives and PC for competitive games like Overwatch and Valorant, where PC controls are much more suited


I’ve never really had any desire to do my gaming on a PC. Maybe it’s because the only computer we ever had growing up was an IBM from the 80s with an orange monochrome monitor. DOS Star Trek games with text graphics just didn’t hold the same appeal as Final Fantasy II (really IV ) on an actual full-color TV.

That and console games were always easier to get a hold of in my small town and only one of my friends had a decent PC but we all had consoles.

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PC Master Race User Here :blush:

I used to play on Sony consoles until the Playstation 3 (the best in my opinion), but in the end getting a PC is a way better investment that can last for years and can be upgraded/modified as you wish.

I wanted to get back on consoles with the Playstation 5 but since they’re still refusing to make older generations compatible for money reasons i’m staying on PC gaming.

I’m not willing to buy multiple consoles to play my favourite games while on PC i can play them all in one platform.

The day Sony will make a Playstation able to play all their games in one i might come back to consoles.

Meanwhile, Microsoft seems to have understand that and made a such promising console able to run multiple generation of games in one :ok_hand:

So for the moment it seems like i’m staying on PC for a while and i’m happy with it :+1:


well, I prefer console over PC simply because the screen is bigger, and people can watch you play and joke with you. PC gaming just feels lonely. also, consoles seem more flexible with storage (in my experience anyway)


I’m using a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" which I bought for $5000. Everything is at maximum option except SSD, which is 1TB. I played H2 by using Boot Camp on it, and it made me kind of regret my choice, although I already knew it wasn’t a device for gaming. It has some random frame drops, even if I set my graphic options to lowest. And I can’t use Ansel because it uses AMD Radeon GPU, so it’s harder to make cinematic in-game screenshots and videos.

Later I got my Xbox One X, and it runs H2 buttery smooth. It made a good impression of console gaming for me. Recently I started to collect physical copies of games, and I want them to be ready-to-go after installing from the disc, which is not possible on PC for most cases because of DRM. Also, physical copies of some games or editions are not released for PC, like the H3 LRG Passport edition. That’s why I play on a console.

But as someone who enjoyed MODs, I will keep play games on PC in the future. I may get a new Mac at a cheaper, lower option to save some money for a gaming PC.


I disagree and I’m a console gamer.

That being said, it looks like Series X will run at Ultra or a little past Ultra settings, which is incredible. I can’t wait.

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I am gammer since 2006 (playing on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and now on Xbox One) For me there is two main advanteges for PC and Xbox/PS


  1. You can do many other things,
  2. Strategies games

3. Easier way to sell your games (is there some PC games you can play without reedem code?)
4.Electricity consumption is lower (I tested with a digital meter)

Graphic/FPS comparsion is just not for me - I’m too old :slight_smile:


I’ll tell you a secret. You can easily connect a huge screen or even a projector to the PC. It’s even more convenient. More of that, you can connect almost countless screens to your PC. I doubt you can do that with a console

As I know consoles have only one built-in disc that can’t be replaced or enhanced. Of course you can connect an external drive with USB, but it doesn’t seem convenient and could cut the speed.
With the PC you can place whaever amount of HDDs or SSDs you want and have a small home server.
For example I have 1 SSD for 250 GB for OS and programs, 1 HDD for 1 TB for docs and garbage, 2 HDDs for 6 TB for films/music and games. That is 4 hard drives with capacity of 13,250 TB.
Beside I have 64 GB of RAM.
Can you have that space with console? I doubt


Yes. I’ve done it once before but never again because the set up felt disorienting? Idk. I can see how it would be really fun for other people.

Okay the PC is better in that aspect, mostly. But I do like how if I’m not playing a game on my Xbox I can just uninstall it quickly and download it again from the cloud another time when I want to play it again. It’s all quick. Where, if I were to uninstall a game on my computer, it would take much longer and I could not do anything else on it - it would be very slow.

logically, you have more reasons that PCs are better. I only have a weird preference :grinning:

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Always been a console person, even though I do play on PC from time to time. I can’t play hardware intensive games, however, since I don’t have proper PCs to run them.

I’m not in Haven anymore.


I like both. They both have their pros and cons. I feel playing on console is alot more casual than PC, in a way. I like that PC is alot more personalized, for example, you can choose whether you want to use controller or keyboard and mouse, then you can choose which controller you want to use and then you can have whatever bindings you want that controller to have.


That’s actually pretty impressive that your computer works ten years in!

I think when it comes to pricing, I find it about equals out, especially since console life spans are getting longer.

I paid under $300 for a switch last year—just over three years in. Not only do I have three years of games to play, at that point I knew I would get at least four more years of game releases. Also, by this point the switch had received numerous improvements.

I might be biased since I’ve always loved Nintendo games, but I would rather pay $300 for a console instead of over $1000 for a PC.

But I definitely see the appeal of a PC—tons of games, very customizable, easy to play with others, etc.

I’m sure how reliable the PC comes from a lot of factors. But any computer I’ve attempted to use for gaming, and some of friends’ computers, have caused more trouble than it’s worth.


I’ve been playing games for 7 years now. I played games on console for the first 6-ish years and i transitioned to PC about a year and a half ago. I personally prefer pc, but i understand why people love consoles too. Especially with the ps5 and xbox sex coming.