(PC/Steam) Can't redecorate (no menu)

Can’t redecorate a certain area in the kitchen. After hitting “G”, the menu doesn’t show up and after this, the instinct doesn’t work anymore.

It’s the action prompt stupidly conflicting with the decoration prompt.

Only hit “G” to redecorate while in instinct mode when you are far enough from an action prompt for it to not be visible when not using instinct mode. More specifically, stand just far enough away from the kitchen counter until the “Clean Surface” action prompt isn’t available at all to “G” press before trying to redecorate that area of the kitchen.

As of now, this will always happen when you are close enough for the action prompt “G” to be visible outside of instinct mode and the redecoration prompt “G” to be visible inside of instinct mode.

Yes me too always after try redecorder its stuck for instinct and im exit to the menu