People and places we may see in the Expansions or HITMAN 3

Two years ago I made a topic to talk about people, groups and places name dropped in HITMAN that could become future targets or locations for missions. Turns out that IOI really, really, really likes foreshadowing things. :sweat_smile:

Who would have thought than a random NPC at the IAGO auction in Paris would end up as a target? Our that we end up killing most of Ritter’s Yardbird friends?

As always I’m starting with me own speculations, feel free to add your own.

  • Tren & Jin Pon: Tren Po goes way back to the very first mission in HITMAN, but he certainly left an impression. A few lines of dialog were already for me to wish that they would turn him into a fully fleshed out target. Chances are even better now that Andrea Martinez, another minor NPC from Paris, already got that treatment. His father Jin Pon was also mentioned a few times in HITMAN 2, secretly buying drones from Kronstadt to attack peaceful protestors and then brag about it on TV. There was even a picture of him in the Miami briefing. I’m very certain that Jin and maybe even Tren, will become targets in a future mission. Since there’s nothing that indicates a connection to Providence (except them buying drones from Kronstadt), them appearing in one of the two expansions or a bonus episode without any connections to the main plot seems the most likely to me.

  • Moreno Cartel: Yes, yes I know we already had a cartel but hear me out. I’ve heard their name a few times during Three-headed Serpent but thought not much about it. They probably just existed to make the world feel more alive and give the Delgado an off-screen rival. How wrong I was! Two missions later, Nolan Cassidy’s biography mentioned him working as security consultant for the Moreno cartel and that it’s an asset of Providence. A news report in Colombia also told us the name of one of their top-hitman who killed a bunch of Delgados and created a circle of shame by putting their heads into each other’s butts. I believe we’re getting at least a few more references to them but one or two of their members may end up as targets. Which brings me to my next guy…

  • Gustavo Torres: In Colorado we accidentally saved his life, by killing the militia leaders and putting their operation to a stop. Now we’re working with the Shadow Client and killing Providence members (again). We also know that the Delgados helped the militia with this operation. Maybe Torres has ties to the Moreons and that was one of the reason why the Delgados were so eager to support them? I don’t think it’s very likly, but I could imagine this being a good way to bring back the character as a target and tie him to something mentioned in HITMAN 2.

  • Byron Washington: Father of the recently deceased Sofia and Zoe Washington. We saw his face in the briefing of “The Ark Society” and learnt that he’s a member of a very important Think Tank. His daugthers also replaced Janus as leader of the Ark Society, against the laters explicit wishes. So Byron must be close to the Partners. Maybe he’s even one of their most powerful members. I would say, the chances that we have to take him out in a mission are pretty good. Could be interesting to see a target who’s a corrupt power player and a grieving father at the same time.

So that was a lot of text. Hopefully my ramblings at least made somewhat sense. Now I’m curious to hear yours.


“rival cartel boss” leaked disguise. unused in the final game, but i imagine it was possible that this is the Moreno cartel boss


I bet we’ll be seeing some of the Providence operatives on the Shadow Client’s wall in Colorado as future targets.


Place; the news during Whittleton Creek mission mentions a Climate Summit taking place, somewhere in Scandinavia if I recall correctly. Big place, lots of people, lots of different security clearances and 47 always did care about the environment. Would be awesome because I work in the field.


That would be cool. Many have been asking for this sort of mission in Scandinavia

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I dream of that happening and having an Easter Egg exit where 47 kills his target(s) and then before he leaves he takes the microphone at the lectern on the main stage in the conference room and delivers a “Steven Seagal in On Deadly Ground”-style speech. 11/10, best level ever.


Ether’s HQ in Johannesburg keeps getting mentioned. I figure that will be a future location.


I wonder if the Highmoores would make a comeback. IAGO wanted Helmut to spy on them, so signing Agent 27’s death warrant may not be the most criminal thing they have done.

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I think the Moreno Cartel was also mentioned by your contact in the Mark Faba Elusive Target


Mikhail: seems to be a Herald that both Yuki Yamazaki and Arthur Edwards having phone conversation to. Yamazaki is for checking on Soder’s files and Edwards is for checking the credibility of ICA’s claim of Janus making phone calls to the Romania Institute. I guess he works on intelligence service so I would not be surprised if he appears as a future target.

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Mr. Ready, the inside man, also was in debt with them. They really have been mentioned quiet a few times.

Didn’t the SC blow up the Ether building in Johannesburg? That would, sadly, decrease the chances of us visiting the place.


If you’ve played to the very end, it’s most likely that our main upcoming targets will be the Partners - Carl Ingram, Marcus Stuyvesant and, the lady we only know by surname, Carlisle.


Some of the interesting NPCs:
Max Decker: He was in the leak, by the name ‘‘Contractor’’
Sal Falcone: Enforcer to every single disguise
Pamela Kinglsey: For more news in the Tv
Hector Delgado: I guess he is now the leader of the Delgado Cartel?
Maybe the Original 5? Just maybe.


The Kentucky Derby.

Excellent setting, 1,000 percent reminiscent of Miami, full of homage opportunities.

Let’s not even mention how deep the disguise potential is here.

I think we are talking about previously mentioned people and locations here.

On that note I want to see that Yates guy. Connections to Providence members, knew another target and is a lawyer. Guaranteed dead.

Also whoever instigated the Nabazov Viral attack.


Yet to see a city skyscraper environment. Hopefully elevators will work by then. No way I’m running up 200 flights of stairs.

If we’re going after the richest of rich i hope its lavish level 11!

Ah, wrong thread. My bad

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Don’t worry dude, I saw the title and I was like don’t we already have this? But then I read it and I was oh

I don’t know if he’ll be a target, but maybe Locksley? He was the client for the Bookkeeper, A friend of the controller (Sarajevo Six) and was the Client for Patient Zero.

Maybe the Church of Ascendants too.