Personalized thumbnail for community contracts

Does anyone know how to can change the thumbnail of a contract you’ve made yourself? I saw an example of this in a contract called The Vomitting Man in Chongqing (PS4); the contract ID is 2-30-4115814-52 by blinkybop23, I’m case you guys wanna see what I mean.

Here’s a photo of the briefing and the contract thumbnail/photo:

it just so happens that Hush’s personal bodyguard has a unique portrait, without the typical gray background. if i recall correctly, this image is used in the deluxe edition’s Lee Hong escalation, since you need to eliminate him in a very specific way. at the moment, there is no way to create custom images for your own custom contracts, (without modding).


Oh, I haven’t done the escalations for Chongqing. Thanks you. But yeah, I really wish they let you change the photos to make the contracts more unique.

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