Petition for Hitman

Petition for IO Interactive to remaster the first 4 games of Hitman!


No thanks. I prefer them to work fully on the last one. Old Hitman games are still good.


i just want them to port the games to the new platforms, like the did with the HD Trilogy. Just add Codename 47 and i will forever shut up IO.

You mean the second 60€ Map Pack for HITMAN 2016? :smirk:


This is already the case with BC on XSX.

Yes, the third season :smirk:

I guess you meant BM? What about the original Trilogy?

Backward Compatibility, I heard that Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money and Absolution are working on XSX.

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cool, but where is Codename 47…?


Yeah, this game deserves a remaster on PC and console. I hope they’ll do the same thing as Freedom Fighters at least. Just fix some control input, switch from DirectX 7 to DirectX 10, and add 4K/widescreen support.

I don’t really like remakes when developers still have ideas for new games like Hitman 3. Or alternatively, let another team work on it, like Demon’s Souls and focus the main studio to work on new games.


It seems the OG Xbox version of Hitman games don’t work on XBO and XSX. I couldn’t find the OG Xbox Hitman games on the BC list.

Yeah only through the “hitman : HD Pack” including Hitman 2 silent assassin and Hitman Contracts.



I’d happily buy a port of the original Trilogy everytime a new generation gets released.

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Signed! Please make the first 4 hitman games as a remake!
My suggestion in 25 missions:

  • Asylum training prologue
  • Hong Kong all in one mission: with 4 objectives killing 3 of them brings you to lee hong.
  • Colombia all in one mission
  • Budapest
  • Rotterdam all in one mission 2 objectives
  • Asylum kill Novaks and ortmeyer
  • Anathema
  • Russia all in one mission 5 targets around st petersburg
  • Japan All in one mission
  • Malaysia all in one mission
  • Nuristan all in one mission
  • India all in one mission
  • Gontranno
  • Swing King
  • A vintage Year
  • Curtains down
  • Bjarkov Bomb
  • Meat King party
  • Beldingford Manor
  • Flatline
  • A New Life
  • Murder of crows
  • You better watch out
  • Mississippi missions all in one
  • House of cards
  • A dance with the devil
  • Requiem epilogue

With glacier engine at the top his power and with next gen, i think it’s possible! Of course all with the double weapons!

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