PG Brexit Discussion


Oh boy, here we go…

Post your opinions about Britain leaving (or attempting to leave) the European Union

Let’s keep this PG everyone



As a British citizen I can tell you that it has been an absolute shambles. Theresa May cannot seem to get a majority vote for what feels like forever and all that seems to happen is that the deadline is constantly pushed back.

Leaving promised so many things, but it doesn’t seem to be worth all of the trouble it is causing

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I can’t talk about Brexit without swearing up a ****ing storm, so I’m out :joy:

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If anyone doesn’t understand what I mean by PG, Brexit has been the cause of torn family’s and violence. It is a very heated topic but I am sure the Hitman Forum is far more civilized



Exactly! I agree. I want to see everyone’s opinions because from what I can tell, all of us get angry whenever someone mutters the word Brexit! :smile:



“This place, ain’t no such thing as civilized.”



I can’t say I’m really “in the know” being from the US, but from what I’ve heard/read it seems like there was a vote and a majority of people wanted to leave the EU and become an independent nation. And there’s also the thing about a border on (is it) Scottland(?) like on the upper half which complicates things. So, I guess I can understand why people would be for it… As in, to break away from the EU.

Maybe I’m getting off onto another tangent here but… some of the things I hear about the EU or Britain(?) where they’re banning things like knives (of any sort - or is that all a joke?), throwing people in jail for posting things on-line that disagrees with someone else - or if it’s deemed offensive and they can have whoever arrested for “hate-speech” just because someone “says” it’s “hate-speech”, all the video cameras… Sounds like a stuck-up, intensely stifling place to be (in my personal opinion).

So. I’m not really cognizant of the hate over leaving the EU. Is it like you all need the EU to survive? Is it some kind of loyalty thing? Or what?

edit: It was Ireland, not Scottland. :stuck_out_tongue:



This could offend a lot of people…



I’ve heard they’re quite the contentious people.



On Scottish aggression-“The Scots and England, Scots and the Japanese, The Scots and other Scots. I hate the Scots so much, THEY RUINED SCOTLAND!!!” The Simpsons



Well as a European myself, I guess the best argument for the union is basically this: It’s huge world out there, and EU is made up of a bunch of smaller countries. So if we’re to have any chance in the global scheme of things financially, diplomatically, defence/army-wise to measure up to powers like China, US, so on… it’s better to stand together in binding union.

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Brexit is a fucking shit show and nobody in their right mind thinks it is a good idea anymore. Only fanatics and zealots are left on the Brexiteer side and they’re willing to die for their “cause”.



Brexit can suck a nut



The years leading up to Brexit I heard a lot of people (in my country at least) talking about how Britain would be better off leaving the EU and that it would be the best choice for everyone to just shut down the EU etc…I was quite sick of it back then. Well the Brexit, we witness now, is proof, that leaving the EU might not have been the best idea :smile: Pretty sure there will be some kind of deal in the end, but what a mess at the moment…

Btw I’m not in favor of everything the EU does, but I do appreciate some aspects of it, like their attempts to harmonize regulations in certain areas like consumer law have been quite helpful (also a hassle for lawmakers, yes, but also helpful)



My feeling is that while integrating systems (they have the EU, we have ASEAN) can introduce problems and kind of reduce some things that you may recall were better without the integration, I also believe that the days of “solitary mega countries” is something rooted in a past that cannot return in the way we remember it.

Are we sure people are not collectively trying to roll the world back to Pre 30’s levels with strict segregation and immigration or that they are absent mindedly trying to bring us back to the Age of Empires? Because when there were no integrated systems, countries merely did it by force and invasion to get to the comfort levels some people may be nostalgic for.

Those days are gone.



People who are for Brexit seem to either not realize, or not fucking care, the fact that the EU is not a country, and every member state is still a fully sovereign country. It’s all just blind ultra-nationalism.

Uhhhh, neither?



The United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. England and Wales voted to leave, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay. If we leave the EU, potentially a hard border may have to be set up between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which could flare up violence between the 2 countries, something that neither the UK or the EU wants to happen.



For anyone not in the UK or the EU and not following Brexit, CGP Gray did a short video basically explaining the Brexit talks right now, and what the core problem is and essentially why a deal hasn’t been made.



A hard border will be set up if there is no deal, this has definitely been made clear to everyone, no doubt about it. And sadly, if there are border checkpoints between the Republic and Northern Ireland, people will shoot at those checkpoints.



Goes into apoplectic convulsions