PiP move request

Picture in Picture

More of a request than any sort of bug, although it really bugs me, so maybe it fits.

Why is the PiP on the upper left side? It covers the objectives when it happens, and it could work just as well on the upper right side where nothing is.

I seem to remember previous games H1, possibly H2 back at launch) it WAS on the upper right.

Could it be moved back for H3?


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H1 didn’t have PIP.

H2 had it on the upper left as well.

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Upper left corner picture-in-picture is fine as it is. Does it really matter if the mission objectives are obscured for a few seconds?

However, there was one instance where it was bugged and would appear behind the mission objectives, which made it hard to see what was going on since the objective text was obscuring a lot of the picture-in-picture. I don’t recall where that happened though.