Platinum Trophy?

Hey, I really hope someone sees this post. I was really disappointed to find out that Hitman 2016 doesn’t have a shiny platinum trophy/achievement waiting for us at the end of the long journey. I was hoping that it would be a secret, but nothing ever popped up:/ is there still a chance that it can be added? If not, then what was the reason for it being excluded? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Hitman 2018 doesn’t have a platinum trophy, either. :c I hope that changes one day.

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Having a platinum trophy will not change your life in any way other than knowing that a pointless number in a database somewhere in the world is one digit higher.

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I agree its a pretty pointless thing. As long as one can “100%” the game there is no reason to fret. I am sort of bothered by Absolutions situation in which getting every trophy is impossible due to server issues, but when it comes to the new releases not having a Platinum I can care less.

There is a very logical reason to this anyways. How would I.O.I have implemented a Platinum in 2016 with its episodic release? The main trophy list only consists of the ICA Training Facility… Just not enough content to merit it having a Platinum Trophy. And since every new Map in HITMAN and HITMAN 2 is counted as a “DLC” having a Platinum simply would not work.


I’m not gonna lie, I also enjoy getting Platinum trophies and not being able to earn on in my favourite games is a bit of a bummer… but I find having the hundred percent is also fulfilling.
I understand why they can’t have one due to the map structure of being listed separately.

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