Play my contract!

ID is not accepted, maybe wrong

It’s a PS2 contract.

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What do u mean. ?! Its not public ?

It has to be specified

It’s not available to all the platforms. Contracts are available only on the platform you created it on.
E.g. you created in on PlayStation. It’s only playable on PlayStatiton
You created it on Xbox - it playable only on Xbox
You created it on PC - it only playable on PC


Tanx i edit the post . Wish it was crossplatform

Me too, but it just how it is

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You can see it from the contract number. If it starts with 1: PC.
2: PlayStation
3: Xbox

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I played your contract, @iman136938. :slight_smile:

This is my first try. Not exactly stylish, but I did it.


@immadummee47 Glad you’re back :star_struck: !!! Hope you do well!


Great run!

I think I won in spirit though because you didn’t kill anyone on the bridge – of death. lol

We slow-pokes always have to win in spirit, instead of, y’know, reality.


First Contract


cool .i put a bomb on bridge and the woman called other target

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well that was way more cooler than the way i created it . tanks for trying

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tanks dude . i distracted the woman by a bomb on bridge and she called the other target and when he investigated the bomb ! yeah you know the rest but i wish we could get more specific rules for creating contracts

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Hey Agents,
I played the contract in Colombia and enjoyed it.
I’d like to show you my own created contract in Whittleton Creek based on special easter eggs. I’m a little bit sad that nobody played them yet, but I think they’re interesting and special enough to be played :wink:
Are you interested? Here is the first one:

And the second…

I am, but I’m on PC.
Would be interesting to trigger the easter egg

I’m sorry but i’m on ps4, but thank you that you’re interested :slight_smile:

Same reason I laugh every time someone throws a chair at someone in wrestling. Shit is funny.