Player Contracts Not Saving

Hi there. Myself (U.S.) and my friend in the UK create contracts for each other to play as a challenge. Since last weekend, we’ve both been unable to save and publish contracts in Sapienza with complications. At first it was only in Italy, but now it’s on all the maps.
If it was just on one side of the pond or the other, I’d understand it. With both of us experiencing this on 2 different continents it seems very odd.
We both play on Xbox One.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What message do you guys get when trying to publish?

This is what we see…

Weird, that should be nothing that happens frequently. I don’t think there is anything you can do, so I’ll tag someone from IOI who seem to be more into the network part of the game.


Thank you so much. :+1::+1:

Thank you for reporting !
There are indeed errors on some specific contract creation requests on the server logs, we will look into it.


This issue was actually fixed by the team friday morning on our main development branch, we will roll out the fix through validation next week so it makes it in the next server patch.

Thanks again, and sorry for the inconvenience !

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We deployed the fix on all platforms, please let me know if you still encounter the issue.

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