Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


BTW, if anyone inside Caruso’s mansion spots you, you have to flee, hide, and then try again (preferably with a different disguise, lol). De Santis is adamant that no innocent Ether employees are to be hurt. Only the targets.

Hurting anyone who isn’t a target inside the mansion grounds results in an instant fail.


Am I allowed to emetic syringe them?


Wow great job on making such a detailed breifing. I’m looking forward to playing this one


Yes you are. It’s only subduing and killing that are off-limits, technically.

Be careful not to use your garlic poison syringe by mistake, though. lol

P.S. I’ve just realized that you don’t have to save my briefing to your computer to be able to read it. You can just open it “in a new tab”. That lets you scroll down.

You guys probably figured that out already.


To say I did badly would be an understatement. I killed 10 non-targets and lost all parts of SA except the recordings (yay!). Video is uploading now, but don’t expect much. At least I followed the special conditions enough so as not to fail, I guess :smile:

Edit: having troubles uploading the video as it’s so long, so you won’t be able to see my hugely inept vampire hunting I’m afraid :laughing:


I’m scared of vampires. :grimacing:


lol. I’m sorry to hear that. 47 can just tell Diana that vampire-slaying was never part of the arrangement. She really threw him in the deep end there.

Where did your run go wrong? Initially, I mean. Before the slaughter began. lol

BTW, if you fulfilled the optional special condition you got at least 1 star! :smiley:


Didn’t fulfil the condition, as a matter of fact that’s where I (first) went wrong. Went downhill from there, and finished with a shootout in the church.


Were you spotted while dragging a body into the garage? That’s very risky. I tried to warn people.


Yup. Spotted by the gardener cleaning the car, dammit.


Yep. Hawk-Eye the Gardening Avenger is more interested in upstaging the security guards than cleaning his damn car.

I’ll remind people again that attempting the optional special conditions is very risky. There’s a reason I made them optional. Be extremely vigilant. Take no chances.

You can get lucky, but you can’t count on being lucky.


I’ve always been lucky when it comes to killin’ folks.


Just about to take my turn on this. I have spent a good 20 mins trying to figure out my plan. I have an idea who these brothers are and where they are located so I hope I’m right as I’ve done sniper contracts on them before. And if I’m right, my plan “should” work. But we all know how that never happens, right? Lol

Red plumber is easy. The only thing I don’t know is where the priest pukes. I’ve never emetic poisoned him at his drink before. So that might cause me a problem.

So my ps4 pro is set to 720p and 60mins recording in hopes it doesn’t skip. Hope I don’t need all that time but I’ll be taking my sweet ass time with this as I want to get the new 6 star SA. :grin:

But just wondering, are we allowed to change disguises or must we be suit only at all times? Not sure if I read that originally yesterday and I’m a bit more scared to read through that again. Haha. Hopefully someone can answer that b4 I go.


You can change disguises, good luck.


DID IT!!! 35 minutes but only 5 star SA. Made a mistake on one brother. drowned him instead of making him fall. I forgot that part. And since I ONLY remembered he was a drunk, I brought an emetic syringe and made it look like he was drunk puking but drown cuz he was out of it

But Wow that was nerve racking. My plan didn’t work 100% with BOTH brothers so I had to take a BIG chance on 1. Super lucky.

Also took a serious chance on the red plumber. I wanted to store/get rid of his body cuz I didn’t know the path the priest would take when emetic poisoned. So no chances turned into ballsy attempt. But I double and triple checked. Still lucky.

The end for the priest was especially nerve racking. I didn’t know where I could safely place him. I tried going up the stairs through one door in the tunnels and it ended up in the gardeners apartment. Balcony would have been perfect to drop him in the streets full of sun. But, can’t dump bodies over those railings. Cmon IOI. You almost screwed me. Would have been perfect.

But nonetheless, I took him outside but made sure it was safe as I did multiple upon multiple checks back and forth. Double, triple, quad and quintuple checks. Just to make sure. And sure enough, it worked.

All I have to say @David47, you made one hell of a contract. Hehe.

Video is uploading. (Not sure if anyone wants to watch a 35min vid. Some boring parts due to lots of waiting and thinking. But I will be watching the other vids regardless of time. This was really fun to do so I wanna see what you guys did the entire time.
Here is the screen shot.




Damn. My video is failing when it got to the end to upload. I think I have to trim a couple seconds off both start and end. Grrrr.

@justnobody, damn that body found. You had a really clean route. I wasn’t so sure in doing any of that though. But you also got the additional star so I think it puts you ahead of me, if that’s how @David47 is rating this contract. Can you confirm that, David?

And nice work getting him outside. I thought you were going to drag him up top and drop him. He’s def be in the sun there.

Good job!!


Well done. I’m really glad you enjoyed the contract, and I’ll happily watch your entire video when you post it, just as I watched all of @justnobody’s.

I’ve considered scoring. Whoever has the highest number of stars wins, regardless of score. But if two people have the same number of stars, then the winner is decided by the highest score.

Which means you’re in the lead, D1NGdong, despite not completing both special conditions.

You and @justnobody both have 5/6 stars, but your score is slightly higher.

If someone SA’s the contract and completes the optional special conditions, they’ll have six stars and be winning, no matter what their score is. So that’s the challenge for anyone else who wants to play. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, someone could e-bay your score by ignoring the optional special conditions entirely and achieving an SA rank with a faster time. Although an Agent 47 who doesn’t strive for perfection should consider retiring, in my opinion. lol


Actually taking a second look at it @David47, is it based on time or points? If it’s time, @justnobody would be winning as he has a 5 star faster time than me. If it’s points, then I would be in the lead still as I have about 10,000 more points after he is awarded the additional 20,000 for the extra star, if that’s what is part of your rules.

Can you confirm David who would be leading right now?


I’d say you’re in the lead, great work can’t wait to see the video. If you’re making the next contract, you’d better make a damn good one because the bar has been raised.

That body found…just…ugh. On the simplest part of the whole thing, too.


You did an excellent job killing the brothers, Justnobody. You were really unlucky with that found body. I’m not even sure how it was found or who found it. Those church boys are just the spawn of Satan in disguise. lol

Please don’t feel pressured to write a long briefing if you win, @D1NGdong. Writing is kinda my thing, and even I can’t be bothered making that kind of effort most of the time. This contract just got out of hand. lol