Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I think we should try to avoid complicating things, the competition runs pretty well as it is.


I second what @justnobody said. Two contracts a week starting at different times would be better, I wouldn’t have time to play both contracts which would mean I’d miss one of two weeks instead of one of four half weeks.


Good point. (Twenty characters.)


I’m inclined to agree.

Even though I really do like aspects of your idea, @D1NGdong, it seems like a bit too much of a fundamental change to the way the competition has worked since the beginning. I still think going with two, ordinary contracts a week is preferable, one deadline on Wednesday, one on Sunday.

What we really need is a few more players, so there’s always healthy competition, even if the regulars can’t play every single time. Somebody go and find Agent47atyourservice and The Chicken, etc. lol


Alright, no worries. I was just throwing out an idea since you guys want more than 1 a week. I’m good either way. :+1:


Cool. I’m glad you made that suggestion, though. It was interesting, and It’s good if we all throw ideas around. It shows we’re all still interested and that we want what’s best for the comp.

I’m hoping IO get their affiars sorted out, and that we don’t have to wait too long for “Hitman: Season 2”. I think the only thing that will ultimately kill this thread is total boredom with the same old maps. lol


Done. Got SA with a time of 11:34 & a score of 163,418
Used a waiter disguise to poison the guy in the VIP lounge/bar area & kitchen knifed him dead then poisoned the bodyguard & brought the other guy into the bedroom using the tv distraction & subdued him. Kitchen Knife killing again & ran to the exii… Oh shhhiiiit! I FORGOT THE SAFE
RUN NULL & VOID but here’s a picture of my tv lol. Doh :slight_smile:


Imagine this is 47 :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear. Both you and baller forgot the USB.

Another idea. I did this with my last submission. How about instead of writing a briefing in-game, write the objectives and conditions to the contract.

Like so:

This way as we are playing, we don’t have to go to our phones or pc to get the info. It’s in-game and available anytime. And you’ll see it plenty of times as you see your map. Could be usefull. And as for briefings, you can write it here if you like.


I’d rather not do that. I prefer leaving my briefings empty for these contracts (because PS4 typing is painfully slow) then putting story and objectives here. If we forget, it’s our own sloppiness.


Since when? Never heard anyone say that about ps4. Only Xbox.

But if you have a smart phone (which I’m sure everyone does), you can download the ps4 app and direct connect to your ps4 and type on your keypad on your phone. Makes typing a breeze.

Anyways, it’s a suggestion for anyone to use or not. I will do it myself. I want to help others play my contracts if it makes it easier.


Huh, didn’t know there was an app. Cheers.


Someone with photoshop skills should edit that picture to get rid of all of Picard’s hair and put him in a suit and tie. It’d be perfect for Hitman fails. lol

Oh, and I forgot the USB, too. I remembered it moments before jumping on the boat, and even though I went back for it, it messed up my mindset and got me spotted after two perfect kills. Grr.


I contemplated it but was too tired so I was like, use your imagination :wink:
Sadly I remembered post “Dun, dun, dun, dun,
Dun, dun, dun dun.” & there’s no option to turn the boat around.
Seriously though it was as I was excitedly typing my post here that I realised. :confounded:
I was so happy that it’d had gone that well that in my haste to escape I forgot my bonus objective.

I thought for sure I’d be recognised on the side of the hotel taken over by Cross’ crew that when I made it back to the lobby I headed straight to the boat. :slight_smile:


Alright @D1NGdong


Well done, @D1NGdong. I think you won.

These contracts are extra special now because there are no more official elusives. :cry:

P.S. I just rechecked the poll, and it’s now 60/40 in favour of those who want two contracts a week. That’s a slightly more decisive margin than we had previously.

So what d’you guys think? What if we make it two contracts a week for the next couple of weeks, and then go back to one a week after that period if not enough people take part?


Title: Spoiled Plans
ID: 2-10-9353750-99

Here you go guys. This shouldn’t be a hard one but I wanted to make this a fun one with a good little challenge. Please read the briefing as it has bonus incentives. This is more about how well you know Hokkaido than anything.

Good Hunting.


Well, I’m screwed. lol

In addition to the general layout of the corridors, I know it’s a hospital, and that it snows there.

Outside the hospital. Not in the hospital. That’d be … strange.


I’m gonna win kappa :smiley:


I followed all the rules.

Because I didn’t think I had a chance of winning, I played at a chilled pace, even for me. And I went for the optional suit-only bonus points, @D1NGdong. I considered trying it with the ninja outfit, but I couldn’t conceive of a way to get close to the security room. lol