Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


4 symbols. @David47 It seems like we lost SA in the same room lol


Did all the bonus objectives
_ Silent Assassin with a score of 169,012 & a time of 5:59_ :slight_smile:


I followed all of the rules!
And i did it all in my suit which gives me 5000 extra points… to add to my shitty shitty score! :rofl:

I don’t have a video because I took a looong pause after a realized I forgot one thing…
Here is how it went down:

I thought this was going to be a breeze (to late for uninx) but it started with me punch glitching the director.
I successfully destroyed the videotapes and deactivated Gama unnoticed but f-ed up when I used the neuron chip thingy on the curator. I forgot which way the guards in the heart room would go to and hid in the wrong place = spotted and a shit storm of enemies came in to the morgue after some fist fighting and guns going of.
I ran to the heart room and used my last scrambler on the door, got rid of the heart and gunned it for the gondola exit.
When I got there I realized I hade forgotten something, to kill Smith :sweat_smile:
At this point I got so frustrated that I decided to pause the game and have lunch instead.
Filled up with spaghetti energy I went back and tried to complete the mission…
Since I didn’t have any scramblers left I first tried to get in to the security room again where the fire extinguisher is.
No guard would go close enough for the door to open in so I went outside and got a propane tank. I got spotted and hunted again and had to kill a guard to escape.
Went back into the morgue and successfully killed Smith with an explosion but since this also got a lot of attention I had to run circles trying to reach the exit.

Edit: It seems my spoiler tag didn’t work when I first posted this…


Wow that’s pretty fast. Since you don’t have a video, can you give some details on how you did it? Looks like @Bending_Cheese67 has his work cutout for him to be the winner as he claimed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah, I ended up killing half of the map and got shot down, might upload later huehue


Kappa? Or karma? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Both lol 20 never say that I’m gonna win again


What’s the “kappa” joke? I’m out of the loop.



Nice to have you. Everyone’s welcome to play.


C’mon chaos. It’s a fun contract. It’s just 1 a week. At least try it a few times. You might like it. And if you win, you can post your own contract. But don’t think this is all about doing it the fastest. I just won the last contract with a 27min run. What do you say?


Nice routing, bud. But come and play with us. We could always use another player. We have a winner and make a contract every Sunday now.

Ps, I like your little wait and laugh at the end to get 4:47 :+1:


So, @D1NGdong @Chillyschrimp @David47
We having two this week or just one?
I have one ready so I can post it tonight if I’m still winning or wait while Sunday… If I’m still winning :slight_smile:


I don’t think many people besides your good self saw the message I left above, so I’ll repeat it …

The vote in the poll is now 60/40 in favour of those who’d like two contracts week. I therefore suggest that we have two contracts a week – at least for the next couple of weeks – and then, if not enough people are playing, we can go right back to one a week. Easy. :slight_smile:

So I’d say that the current contract can conclude today (Wednesday, at 6 p.m. GMT), unless there are any objections to the very simple plan I just laid out.


Given that everyone has gone, I’d say that’s fair.


How would everyone feel about a contract that involves getting caught on camera?
It’s for reasons explained in the story of my contract.
Now I could say that you must be caught on camera & then delete the evidence so a silent assassin score can be achieved but that might nulify the story a little or I could validate getting rid of the evidence by everyone suspending their disbelief & saying that even though the evidence was deleted(for gameplay reasons) someone was watching the cameras & saw you & that’d fit my story & allow silent assassin :slight_smile:
Of course I could get eBay’d & that’d nullify this question


As long as SA is the end-game, go nuts. @David47 gave us a super fun, lore-intensive vampire contract a while back and it was great.


Ok so you’d prefer to be able to achieve silent assassin?
The one option is that you can’t but like I say I could have it that you must be caught on camera then delete it so SA is possible :slight_smile:


SA should definitely be achieveable at least. I don’t care how hard it is as long as it’s possible.


Unless it’s a silverballer Colorado contract and everyone dies miserably in it. :rofl: