Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Hey, it was possible.

Extremely difficult, but possible.

I won’t be playing the next contract anyway so I don’t even know why I’m commenting :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally think the contract creator should have the freedom to make the contract he wants to make, and if that means – for narrative reasons – that none of us can get an SA rank, so be it. All that matters to me is that the contract is fun and fair.

Now that 47 is a little bit more durable, and his aim more accurate, I myself have thought about crafting a combat-focused contract that you certainly cannot SA.


Haha, now I’m torn. Because it makes narrative sense & we have another contract in four days I’ll stick to my guns. :slight_smile:
Sa won’t be possible but hopefully you enjoy.
Contract upcoming.


Ya, I agree with David. SA shouldn’t matter in this competition as long as its fair for everyone to get the highest score possible by the contract.

Which kinda gives me an idea for my next contract. You will be able to get SA but there’s a BIG chance you won’t. Haha.


Thanks to @D1NGdong for spoiled plans which was a lot of fun.

So here’s my Contract:

Laws of Time

I decided to create a prequel to the Elusive target The Guru that is a prelude that will set the wheels in motion to the events of that elusive target.
Set one year before the events of the elusive target & therefore set in the Landslide map you have been hired by your future target “The Guru” Richard.J.Maghee to help him gain access to Keith Keeble’s trust fund.
The rest of the Keeble family are keen to protect their assests & their naive heir however & have brought in their family lawyer.
Growing ever frustrated from the legal battles & losing the support of his own lawyer he’s decided the best way to move forward is to hire the ICA to remove his obstacles & leave him free to manipulate the young Keeble.

This is your mission:

He would like you to eliminate the current Keeble family lawyer; Silvia Morando
& Frame his lawyer Salvatore Bravuomo

Bravuomo is currently in hiding from his other client, Marco Abiatti so you must find him & disguise yourself as Bravuomo & eliminate Silvia Morando
and make sure you are caught on camera while disguised as the lawyer to frame him for the murder

Quite how this will aid Maghee is unclear but he’s paid in full. You are clear to engage.

So to be clear.
You cannot achieve silent assassin in this contract as being caught on camera is necessary to frame the lawyer.

You must be caught on camera while wearing the lawyer’s disguise


Congrats on your win!

I’m looking forward to failing your contract, lol


How fortunate that I only recently figured out the lawyer opportunity in Landslide. Doing my run soon.


We’ve all had to learn to let go of our perfectionist tendencies playing here, @CHAOS_AGENT_45 . The rules are to simulate realism and to generate the kind of suspense you don’t normally feel when you can reload a save at any time.

I’d encourage you to bear this in mind and keep playing a little longer. Nobody here is impressed by a perfect score. We’re much more impressed by a good sense of sportsmanship, and the ability to admit one’s mistakes. Try to think of winning as a bonus.

Plus, when you DO succeed on your first attempt, it’ll feel a lot better than all of those times you got a perfect score by practicing.

P.S. Oh, and uploading a video of your run isn’t required. So if you’re not happy with your run, and don’t really feel like uploading, you can just tell us that you followed the rules and post your score.


@xstraightedgedavex, is there a way to identify Bravuomo? Because I haven’t completed the Landslide mission. I have no idea who he is.

If there is no easy way to identify him, please could you post a picture of him, and I’ll search everywhere. lol


Laws of Time. I knew exactly what to do. And since getting recorded by the camera system and not being able to delete it, I didn’t care to get spotted as i will have that bonus removed as well.

Spaced to avoid spoiler on thumbnail


Ur screwed. Lololololol.


lol. That doesn’t sound good. Is this guy well hidden?

I had no idea there was a guy still alive in one of those morgue drawers in Japan until the last player-made elusive. I got an achievement for discovering him. I was shocked.


This one kicked my ass, was not as familiar with Landlside as I thought.

I had actually never been on that end of the town hall in this map before, so I had no idea that the lady was an enforcer. Thinking about it afterwards, I probably would have been able to get to her much quicker if I went through the checkpoint on that end instead of going to the waiting room.
I also didn’t pick up my suit and gun, which bothers me.
But hey, the frame job is complete.


I have no idea where i got spotted… Also recorded it


Sorry for the late reply.
He has a rather crappy hiding place



You were never “spotted”, the loss of that bonus was tied with losing ‘no recordings’. Awesome run.


Awesome? Yes. Flying scissors to the head with guards around? Awesomer!! :joy:


Is that new? I never noticed that


It’s not new, it was actually bugged close to be the beginning of release. Since the two were tied, sometimes you would still lose ‘never spotted’ even after clearing recordings, which led to some people on reddit thinking at the time that you lost the bonus once recorded, period. Of course that wound up just being a bug, but the two have always been tied.