Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Excellent job. I liked the way you made sure to be caught by multiple cameras while fleeing from the scene.
Good jobs to @justnobody & @D1NGdong

Hopefully the inability to get Silent Assassin on this one wasn’t too jarring.
I thought playing a different way might be interesting :slight_smile:
Awaits @David47 epic run


Thank you. Also good jobs to @justnobody and @D1NGdong and good job


Thanks for explaining. Didn´t know that…


I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow. I might need a couple of hours spare. I’m not even sure I can locate a security camera to get myself spotted. lol


Ok, & I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a security camera :slight_smile:


Well I followed all of the rules and I thought I had a pretty good run going. I got too impatient when I went for the kill and got spotted so I had to knock out a guard and run to the exit. But it felt good up to that point, thought I was going for a win (until I got that combat prompt) but when I checked the leader board after I realized that I was a minute slower then most of those who already completed it so I don’t feel as bad for messing up this one :grinning:

Edit: Now I have to look at some videos to find out how you guys completed it so fast :smile:


Did this with the current contract.


Oh my freaking God. I’m gutted. Not because my run went badly … it didn’t.

But because I just spent ages editing my 40-minute roleplay run to show you guys and the PS4 recording glitched on the kill. It didn’t capture it, but it apparently captured everything else! What are the chances of that? lol


Already happened to me - ET 24.


Yup, happened to me too on my kill em all in Sapienza.

I was on the rooftop of the villa with the katana and when Caruso was walking past, I threw the katana at him but it skipped the entire kill. So pissed off.


Likewise on the last ps4 ET :confused:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45, looks like you’re still in the lead. Tomorrow by 6pm cmt or 1pm est is the time to post a new contract if you are still the winner by then.

You have one holstered? Cuz I don’t know if anyone else has to go.


I was just … speechless … with horror. lol

Anyway … I followed all the rules, and I got 3/5 Hitman symbols, which is an SA in this contract.

I’m posting a video of the final section of my run, which shows how patiently I roleplayed it, given my ignorance of guard patrols. And I hope you all like how I made the most of the kill failing to record. :smile:

Skip to about 4:17 if you just want to see that part.


’course he does.



I´m still in the game. Post it in a few minutes. Sorry for my delay


Great job. As good as fast runs are I appreciate the slower ones too. It’s all still based on timing :slight_smile:


Ok here it is:
Contract ID: 2-10-9503616-94
Title: Exclusive Contract HMF

-0Loadout, 1 item to smuggle (except BC and Scrambler)
-No Surgeon Disguise allowed
-Poison the stem cells at the morgue
-Empty the stem cells at the operating theater

+5000 Suit only
+10000 Ninja only
+5000 per Target for Suicide Kill


Congrats on your win, @Chaos_AGENT_45. :slight_smile:

The contract deadline isn’t until 6 p.m. GMT (1 EST in the U.S.), so you’re not late posting, you’re early. But I don’t think anyone else is going to play at this point, so it’s fine.


I agree. Timing and flow are more important than pure speed.For example: Immadummee plays a calm flow style. GuLe plays a fast flow style. Both get SA and have a clever timed plan. I really enjoy the possible diversity of play-styles and approaches. That´s what maks this game great :smiley:


Yeah, speed isn’t my forte, so I generally try for a perfect score by roleplaying carefully and hope that all of the speesters here mess up in their haste. :smiling_imp:

The downside to that approach is that if anyone gets a good score and a decent time, they whoop me easily. lol