Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


At least spell my name right, ok, CHAOS_AGENT_4?


I don´t see a spell mistake… :crossed_fingers:

Maybe you should check your eyes…


I always dot my eyes and cross my tees. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I’m dumb and I blew myself up with a duck, oops.

Despite my fail, here’s a little ninja run.


Great little speed run. You were like a shadow.

@CHAOS_AGENT_45, what exactly was meant by “empty the stem cells at the operating theatre”? It’s probably become evident by now that I’m not a pro on these maps. I put the stem-cells in the device next to the operating theatre, near the morgue, and got a little cut-scene with Soders suffering. Was that right?


Spoilers!! Spoilers!!



Whoops. Fixed.

(Twenty million characters. Character overkill. +90,000,000 XP!)


You did it right :smile:


:relieved: Phew. Thanks.

It was the use of the word “empty” that caused a bit of doubt. I thought there might also have been a way to dispose of the stem cells without using them. Like flushing them down the sink or something. lol


I followed all the rules.

4/5 Hitman symbols. Another very high time with lots and lots of backtracking. 124,638 points …

Plus 5,000 bonus points, for the only optional thing I did, which was kill a target by suicide.


So are we posting a new contract tomorrow, or letting the current one ride out the week?


Shit. I forgot. I’ll do it before it expires for sure but thanks for bumping it. Otherwise I would have forgotten. Lol.

But according to current format, we are doing another contract tomorrow by the winner. Who is leading so far?


As of now, @David47 is in the lead.


We agreed this was a trial period, so let’s just stick with that.

The contract will end tonight at 6 p.m., as planned … and, soon, if we conclude that contracts haven’t been getting enough players to make for healthy competition, we’ll go back to having just one a week. :slight_smile:


I’m sort of excited, your last contract was great lol


Damn, lost track of time. Going now. Hopefully I can finish in 10 mins. Haha.


Just finished.

Got SA/SO in 6:08. But I didn’t make it in time. 2 mins past expiration. :frowning:

@David47 you officially win. Post your new contract.

My run is uploading.


It’s 5 o’clock. You made it by an hour. The deadline is 6. lol

So you’re winning.


Oh ya. It’s 1pm est. I don’t know why I thought it was 12pm est. hahah.

Man, I was in a feeling of panic almost the entire time. I was trying to do it fast but safe at the same time to beat that 12pm deadline. Lol. I knew exactly what to do just didn’t know where the last target was until I remembered to use my map. I sometimes forget to do that. Lol.


Thanks. Please don’t hold all of my contracts to that standard, though. I need to be inspired. lol

I made lots of contracts before that one that were average. With the vampire one, I just got sucked into the lore of my own story and ended up writing a short novella for a briefing.