Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Here’s my run.


I’m creating the contract now. It might be 1/2hr late but it’s coming. I have a nice little backstory.


Here’s the contract: I got lazy with the backstory. I’m confusing myself with what I wanna say. Haha. So I think you’ll understand by the title and objectives. Enjoy.

PS: you can get SA with this contract. Just make sure you read the objectives carefully.

Anything but no smuggled items

Target and ID



What radio do you mean?


In the room where the target is, you will find a radio that you can pick up.


The conditions make me curious about the story. It’s a frame job, but I’m wondering what part the radio plays.


It’s a little twisted. But What I was “trying” to say was the shotgun belongs to someone (the one you are framing) and everyone knows this as he always keeps it beside him all the time. His radio (which is dear to him) was taken by another guard (target). Because of this guards (target) position in the hierarchy, the (framed) guard can’t do anything about it with fear he might lose his job but with that rage, he wants to kill him and get back his radio. The twist is, the (framed) guard was only able to buy this antique radio by stealing money from the guard that sits beside him when he wasn’t looking. But the guard beside him knows that the (framed) guard stole his money but the (framed) guard doesn’t know that he knows and he always says he has no idea about that money. So as the (framed) guard is angry about his radio, he confides in the guard beside him about the radio and how he wants to kill the other guard for taking his radio. So this guard beside the (framed) guard is the client to the ICA and wants to setup his coworker as a way of revenge for stealing his money.

A bit complicated but that’s the gist. LMAO!!!


I am so fucking tired of the bugs in this game.

I hit the guard who goes in and out of the evidence room with an emetic, and he ignored the effects and froze in place typing at the computer for over five minutes. I killed everybody in there and quit out of frustration, I’m just not in the right headspace this week.


Ouch that’s totally sucks.


Really nice Contract Idea!


(@D1NGdong, I decided to write this little briefing/conversation for fun after reading your description. It was a bit tricky because I didn’t know two of the characters’ names, but I had a go. lol)

Diana: "Good evening, 47.

"Your target is Michel Charest, who has been sentenced to death for the – I’m sure you will agree – absolutely abdominal crime of abusing his rank to steal his co-worker’s radio.

"But, wait: the plot thickens!

"Mr Charest is actually just a pawn in a larger, but no less petty, game.

"While the man whose radio was stolen does claim to want Charest dead, he is NOT the client. The client is actually a third party – a “friend” of the theft victim – who knows that said theft victim purchased the prized radio using money stolen from him. This third party wants to capitalize on the other man’s very vocal hatred of Charest and frame him for the murder that he’s too cowardly to actually commit, thereby getting him sent to prison for a very long time.

“Following me so far?”

47: “I think so. Idiot A stole a radio from Idiot B, who in turn stole money from Idiot C. Now Idiot C wants to frame Idiot B for the murder of Idiot A, and … perhaps I should just kill all of them. To do the world a favour.”

Diana: “Very amusing, 47. No. Only the target.”

47: “You’re no fun.”

Diana: “Says the man who has rejected every single one of my social invitations for the last twenty years.”

47: “Guns don’t polish themselves.”

Diana: “Case. In. Point.”

47: “So what’s the plan?”

Diana: “Idiot B, as you so aptly described him, has a favourite shotgun, which he keeps with him at all times while on guard duty–”

47: “Convenient.”

Diana: “Indeed. First, appropriate this shotgun, use it to kill Charest, plant it next to his body, and then return the stolen radio to its rightful owner–”

47: “Which would be … the client, Idiot C, correct? He is the one who paid for it, after all.”

Diana: “Don’t get clever. So you know what you’re doing?”

47: “I do.”

Diana: “Then good luck. Oh, and … 47?”

47: “Yes?”

Diana: “Only the target.”

47: “No promises.”


Hahaha. That was beautiful. Nice job!!!

Edit: actually the radio should go beside idiot B where his shotgun was. That way he becomes surprised by the radio being there that he doesn’t realize his shotgun is gone.
Or is that just the story that it goes to idiot C cuz 47 is being a smart ass? Lol


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, 47 is aware of that. That’s why Diana says, “Don’t be clever.”

47 knows the radio should go to Idiot B, but he’s getting technical, saying Idiot C really owns it. lol


Yep, I realized that afterwards hence my edit. :smile:


I followed all the rules.

Maaan … I was on track for an SA for 95% of my playtime; I was just going back for my suit so I could fulfil the optional special condition. I had the shotgun in place, the target subdued in a soundproofed area, and I’d put the radio where it was supposed to go …

Then a guard walked into a bathroom and spotted me while I was hiding a body, and it turned into a gunfight that took my score from a 5/5 to a 0/5. I used 47’s mixtape and it somehow drew two guards to the location instead of one. Grrr. lol

I’ve been planning another quite elaborate contract, but nobody’s ever going to see it, apparently. Well … at least it should be well and truly polished by the next time I win. :smile:

P.S. I seriously considered ignoring the “suit-only” condition. And I wish I had now. I’d have a 4/5!

Good contract, though.


Hey guys! Long time no see. I finally got back to playing again.

Will post my run soon, streaming it at the moment. Got 4 out of 5 stars, 135k. Was really fun!


Great job!!! Welcome back and can’t wait to see your run.


Thanks dude! So glad to be playing again.

Okay here are the runs:

My official run where I followed all the rules (AFAIK):

My run of it done for SA following all the restrictions:


Nice job. Your plan was a lot better than mine. If you hadn’t gotten spotted nabbing the shotgun you’d have aced it. And well done, too, for not listening to your stream viewers who were tempting you to cheat. lol


LOL! I know they are terrible huh! Haha, I would never cheat takes all the fun out of it!

Thanks for watching and I appreciate you guys keeping this contest going! :stuck_out_tongue: