Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Great job, Liz!!! You really salvaged that run. And nice placement for the kill. And nice second run too for SA.
Who was the one complaining about “lots of restrictions”?
Lol. That’s how these contracts work and why they are fun, right? Haha.


Hey, I’ve been on vacation abroad the last week so I’ve missed the last couple of contracts.
I might be able to play tomorrow I’m not dead tired from the trip :stuck_out_tongue:


I completly lost this one and got killed… but still a great exclusive contract idea! Maybe you can make a 1-3 Escalation based on this one! I would lovely play it :smiley: @D1NGdong


Haha! Oh are you talking about complainers on stream? LOL.

I was going to give up but then I’m like no way let’s see what we can do instead.

I really enjoy the restrictions, makes it more interesting for the purposes of this competition. I’m really in the moment when I play these contracts which makes it so enjoyable :smiley_cat:


Well that’s what we are doing here. The contracts have become a lot about objectives and that gives us the power to really make a contract feel like a story. Especially with the rules we play with, it’s pretty damn cool. So that’s why I told you to play here. It gives you a different side of the game to experience.

By far, and I think everyone can agree with this, the contract made by @David47 about a vampire disguised as a priest, was the best story contract we had.

To give you an idea, we had to kill 4 targets. But with the priest, we had to emetic poison him, tail him, wait till he pukes, wait till he finishes puking, pinch him with the Lethal syringe, shoot him in the heart, undress him and then lay him out in the sun (no shade). It was friggin awesome. If you scroll up about a month or 2, you should find that contract and play it. You won’t regret it. And of course, adhere to the rules we play here.


@hitwoman47, I believe you are the contract leader so far. (Correct me if I’m wrong someone). But expiration is coming up in the next 1/2hr. Do you have a contract ready for us? :smiley:


Well done, @hitwoman47, you won! Not bad for your return to the competition. lol


Hey Guys! Oh man I never expected to win! Damn I will have to see what I have…give me a little bit


Okay guys, here’s the next contract. No special restrictions (additional). Pay attention to the melee vs throw.




Huehuehuehue :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I did it lol


Yeah I loved that one. I’ve been figuring out some very complex story driven contracts myself with lots of objectives. I have this idea that the targets in a series of contracts have all tried to make themselves immortal through various methods (magic, nanobots, robotic enhancements) so require very specific ways to kill them.


I followed all the rules.

Damn it. I just can’t catch a break in recent contracts. I killed every one of them silently, but the very last target turned around and caught a minute glimpse of the axe flying at his head. Apparently, that’s not only “spotted”, but also a “noticed kill” because the victim was momentarily witness to his own impending demise. WTF?!!! lol

I earned this SA. Give to me, Hitman. Give it to me now! (OK, deeeep breaths. I’m calm. :yum:)


Great job David! This one is tricky I think so you did excellent! Too bad about that last target though! That sucks!


I followed all of the rules!

Wow that contract was not good for my hearth :smile:
But it was very fun, I probably would have said otherwise if it wouldn’t have ended well :wink:

I played this contract waaay more carefully than I usually do. I had a couple of scares like when dragging a body and then freaking out when I saw someone in the adjacent room, and that happened twice :slight_smile:

I though the targets was in The Class side of the hotel so I placed my smuggled item in the wrong side and also started at the river instead of 47’s suite (which of course would have been a lot faster).

I’m editing a video of my run now, I had to pause and save my video near the end because I was coming close to the 15 minutes limit (I still haven’t changed that setting yet).

Edit: Now with a loooong video


Horrible fail. I got killed until I died from it. Lol.


When does this contract expire?


Today at 6 p.m., Silverballer.

Deadlines are Wednesdays and Sundays for the time being.


I died. It was all going so well but a woman turned around just as I axed her and things spiralled from there.