Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I haven’t seen anyone else post a better score yet so I suppose I won for once :blush:

I have a new contract for you:

Disgruntled lab techs
ID: 2-03-1904565-61

The lab techs know that Viana is responsible for Malcoms death at the lab. They want revenge since Malcom was the only guy who knew how to make a proper vanilla mocha latte and they hate the bland coffee from the machine in the cafeteria.
Since Silvio and Francesca are both responsible for the lab they should also die. Oh and destroy the virus as well, that will get Ether to give them better coffee!

Important additional condition: You must destroy the virus (however you want) BEFORE you KILL any of the targets!

Other than that, the only restriction is the kill disguise, you can start wherever you want and bring what ever items you think will help you.

Good luck agents!


Going in now. :crossed_fingers:



Damm, I will be away from my ps4… I’ll still recreate it on pc and speedrun it tho huebue


I’ve got a stupid, risky plan for Francesca. Here we go.


Wow, Malcom must have made some damn fine coffee for the scientists to be so vengeful. lol


Forgot that Viana was an enforcer to lab technician lol The dumb part was that I messed up on the very last step, the easiest one. Isn’t that how it always goes?


That’s exactly how it went for me in the last contract. It’s somehow even more aggravating when that happens. I’d rather mess up early than stumble and fall face-first into the dirt at the winner’s post. lol


Hehe well I have a hard time coming up with ICA-type briefings so I just go for stupid ones instead :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. At least you’re good at the game. Coming up with official-sounding ICA briefings is my only skill.

Plus, I liked this briefing quite a bit. It’s good that some contracts are a bit tongue-in-cheek. I wouldn’t want everything to be insanely heavy and serious. Variety FTW.



I had the PERFECT plan. But you know, it doesnt always execute properly, right? Lol
Video uploading for anyone who wants to watch this.


I got 130,035. I had a good plan, but it went wrong. Luckily I improvised and everything still went reasonably well. (Long) video uploading now.

I think it should be quite an entertaining watch, since it’s me bumbling around for 12 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


@justnobody, did you get a video?
I see that @Silverballer did pretty good. You guys can bring your vids? I like watching these late at night when I’m chilling in bed ready for sleep. Even the bad ones end up fun to watch.


I didn’t record the run, here’s everything that happened.

Started as lab technician, changed into hazmat and shot virus through the glass door in the hallway. Waited for hazmat dudes to clear out, dropped duck in hallway. Changed back to lab technician, cleared surveillance and grabbed breaching charges and propane tank.

Killed Silvio by dropping the start system on him via remote cx block, ran to Viana and was spotted by her. Dropped BC combo anyway, failed and guard became hostile. Guard followed me up to a locked apartment, I killed him and took disguise. Detonated duck, broke Viana’s neck in public and booked it to the boat.

If I had not forgotten Viana’s enforcer status, the plan for Francesca was to detonate the duck while she was coming back through the tunnel. Almost perfect, but truly just a disaster.


i decided to work “backwards”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The plan was perfect, but execution big fail. I thought about what to do for at least 15 minutes as I was preparing my gear.

And here’s my run. There’s a spot where I had to pause for a brief moment. I forgot to turn off the oven. Haha.

Spaced to prevent thumbnail spoiler


@Silverballer, where’s your video? Did it upload yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably an error, I had to go to sleep. I’ll try and upload again.

Edit: Sorry @D1NGdong doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to fix it.



I thought I might win, because other players didn’t get perfect scores, and I had it planned out.

I’ve been so unlucky recently. I got spotted choking out the lab tech on the balcony where you can destroy the vius remotely. I never get spotted choking that guy. Never! I even lure him away from the edge with a coin to be extra careful. Just terrible, unfortunate timing, and some eagle-eyed guard. Then everyone was pursuing me … while I was in the lab-tech disguise … the disguise I needed to wear for the full mission, so it devolved into fighting and I aborted. Airlift extraction in the middle of Sapienza town square. lol

Sorry, @Chillyschrimp, I was enjoying it until it went south unexpectedly. I’ll have another go for fun in a bit.

(Note to self. Save this golden star for all future contracts. It’s more efficient than explaining why I lost. lol)

P.S. Y’know, I think part of the reason I’ve not been doing well recently is that I’ve been too quick to knock people out. Subduing is risky, even when you think it’s safe. I’m going to start employing more distraction and evasion tactics, I think, and only KO’ing when absolutely necessary. That’s more realistic, too. 47 wouldn’t leave a long trail of bodies behind him in real life.

Although, of course … in real life 47 could, y’know, speak now and again to distract guards, e.g.

47: “There’s a kid vandalizing that public toilet.”

Guard: “Really? Damn kids. No respect. I’ll go and check it out.”

47 waits a moment, then calmly walks through the security checkpoint. :sunglasses:


PSN appears to be screwed on my console right now, so I’ll try again tonight. No guarantee it will upload.


If it’s not uploading, try cutting 2 seconds each from the beginning and end. It has done that for me too before and doing this has always fixed it.

GL agent.


Just watched your vid. That was a brilliant plan. Much more streamlined than mine. You just got caught out by an annoying guard, like I did. Damn them. (And thanks for showing me that you could destroy the virus using the stalactite … stalagmite? Spikey rock. I didn’t know that. lol)