Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Thanks. I think we should all bring videos whether we do well or fail miserably. It’s fun to see what someone’s plan was and how it unfolds during a run.


Videos have always been optional. And I think it should stay that way. But, yes, people should feel entirely comfortable posting their messy runs and fails as well as their victories. I often find messy vids more entertaining than successful ones.

We can all relate to things going wrong. When you got spotted by that guard in the mansion, I thought, “Damn you, guard! Leave D1NGdong alone!” I’ve had problems with that guy myself, on multiple occasions. I suspect everyone here has, especially when playing without instinct.


Better luck next time :wink:

I know what you mean by being to impatient (not only subdueing in my case). The only times I have won contract here is when I’ve approached them calmly not aiming get the fastest time.

I generally rush all mission, even if I don’t have to. For featured contracts that means that I have to restart them several times instead of just trying to focus and play them more calmy. And I’m not even a speedrunner I just try to complete them as fast as possible. In the end it takes more time for me to complete a contract with all the restarting than it would if I didn’t rush it from the start :blush:

In swedish there is a saying that roughly translates to “quickly but incorrectly”. That’s how I play (any game) most of the time, lol


Your plan was as I had visualised it when I created the contract :slight_smile:

To bad you got spotted, and poor Silvio getting knocked out as soon as he came to after the guard woke him up :smile:


Stay that way? Sure, I agree. But what little effort is it to upload a video and post it so others can enjoy what you’ve done? It’s not really asking much for someone to bring an unedited video when it literally takes less than 5 mins to upload it. Ps4 does all the work and you don’t even need to use share factory. Just leave it raw. I’ve always enjoyed watching ppls blind no restart runs on ETs on YouTube and see how they deal with it.

Honestly, I had no idea that that guard would be there. That’s the first time I ran into him being in that very spot. It wasn’t that I forgot that he would be there but just not knowing he was even there. lol


Ya, I thought it was the best way to do it as you said can’t kill the targets before destroying the virus and not can’t TOUCH the targets until you take out the virus. :grin:
Knowing that taking out the virus would move the targets in different spots would probably make things harder for me since I’ve never taken out the virus before de santis.

Nice contract though. I wish my plan didn’t get spoiled. It was planned as an easy SA. Lol.

@Silverballer, no worries, bud.


Since I won’t be posting my video, here’s what I did;

I started in the lab and immediately destroyed the virus. Then I ran up to the observatory and shot the fuse box, and I left a propane in the observatory for if my plan went wrong. I ran back to the lab and waited for De Santis and lethal syringed her as she walked across the roof of the lab. I ran back upstairs and my original plan at this point was to take out Caruso with the solar system but he was already well beyond that, so I left a propane on the staircase for when he came back. I ran down to the harbour which the scientist had made her way too by now. I detonated the propane but I missed Caruso (and luckily his guard as well), and I think it was at that point the run went to shit. I decided to follow the scientist since Caruso was now in lockdown and I tailed her to the seaside dire to the lab. I didn’t know she turned her head twice before actually going into the lab so I got spotted by her, but I used this to my advantage and lured her to the edge of the cliff and shot her from behind a rock then threw her off the edge. I ran back into the mansion and grabbed the FE from the corridor where the housekeeper is sweeping. I snuck into the observatory from the cliff door and Caruso was in, so I threw the FE at his feet and shot it through the bookcase. I quickly darted out the front door and escaped using the car.


A lot of effort for me recently. My video failed to record, for the second time running. I intended to upload one of my brief highlights vids because my shootout was pretty entertaining before I aborted. I got three headshots in a row (bang, bang, bang, John Wick style), which is one of the best things I’ve ever done in the game. lol


lol. Nice.

But that’s not effort, that’s the ps4 F’ing up.

And ya, I too love doing headshots in quick succession. I can do them with ease and quickly too. It’s soooo satisfying. :sunglasses:


See this is what I mean. This sounds like it would have been fun to watch. Haha. Nice work though recovering.


I will record my next one, no matter how much of a disaster it winds up being lol


I failed so hard! Only lasted like 60 seconds. Will post video after lol


Who’s winning? Silverballer?


Yep. I believe so. @silverballer, do you have a contract ready in the next couple hrs? (Unless someone eBays you, of course).


Yup, I have a contract.

And it’s complicated.


I hope it’s not too complicated that we start failing again like your Colorado one. :crossed_fingers:


Congratulations on your win, I’m looking forward to your complicated contract. But like @D1NGdong said, I hope it’s not as complicated/hard as the Colorado one :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, this is it. Last one in the series. One of the most complicated contracts we’ve had yet. Take your time, and be very careful of cameras. SA ranks may not be needed to win this one. Good luck.

The Lorenzetti Assassination
ID: 2-03-9554035-64

Important note: There are two versions of this contract. Use the ID to find the correct version (the correct version has no disguise restrictions)

Eliminate Olinto Scanrotti and disable his security sector
Eliminate Arcibaldo Nasi and disable his security sector
Eliminate Maria Delaurentis
Disable the church security sector
Eliminate Gianmario Lorenzetti


  • Read the briefing carefully; you MUST follow its instructions.
  • You must start in the Sapienza ruins.
  • You must leave in the car or the boat at the Sapienza ruins.

Note: The consoles in the briefing refer to the tapes.

Good afternoon 47. Lorenzetti has arrived in Sapienza to mourn his wife, accompanied by a small but effective security force. His primary protection now comes from the surveillance system Romano Greece set up around Sapienza, and this will make getting to Lorenzetti challenging.

If you were to simply drive into Sapienza, you would be spotted on camera on the road in and identified as a threat, most likely leading to your car being hijacked and you turning up dead on the bottom of a cliff.

If you were to sail into the harbour, your boat would be spotted by ‘fishermen’ and would ‘mysteriously’ explode.

Because of this we have decided to dock you in the Sapienza ruins near Silvio Caruso’s biolab, as far from Lorenzetti’s surveillance as possible.

The surveillance system is hosted from three consoles; one in Silvio Caruso’s biolab, one in Silvio Caruso’s Manor, and one in the Church itself. Each console controls a sector of cameras; the biolab console controls all cameras in the lab, the mansion console controls all cameras in the mansion and the church console controls all cameras in the church. Since you already destroyed the town hall console, the town hall cameras are linked to both the biolab and the mansion consoles, meaning both the biolab and Mansion consoles must be destroyed before the town hall cameras are disabled.

You cannot move onto eliminating Delaurentis and disabling the cameras in the church before disabling both the biolab and the mansion consoles. You also may not enter the church or the graveyard until Delaurentis is dead.

Now, destroying a console is not a simple process. You must first kill the person who would be alerted if the console was damaged; Olinto Scanrotti for the biolab, Arcibaldo Nasi for the mansion and Maria Delaurentis for the church. After killing this person you must go to the console itself and disable it. If you are spotted by a camera before destroying the console controlling it Lorenzetti will flee and you will fail the mission.

Also, our client has offered a bonus if Scanrotti, Nasi and Delaurentis are all eliminated in different accidents to deflect suspicion.(30,000 points)

(Note: Since you can only delete recordings once, to disable the biolab and Mansion consoles simply shoot one of the computers surrounding the console, and disable the church console as you would normally. )

Once all three consoles are disabled then you must eliminate Lorenzetti himself. There is a small squad of bodyguards stationed in the church graveyard but Lorenzetti himself has asked for privacy and will not be particularly well guarded.

Once you have eliminated Lorenzetti extract from the area using the hired car stationed in Sapienza (as the surveillance will be down by this point, you will be able to make out out of Sapienza undetected) or the boat you came into Sapienza on. The money will be wired to your account. Good luck, 47. You’ll need it.


HMF: Don’t make this one too complicated.

Silverballer: Hold my beer.


Don’t worry, it’s less impossible than the Colorado one!